International Stories From Tampere

Meet the international professionals who share a love for Tampere – and get inspired by their stories!

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Love Story

Can you love a city? This is a love story but not about two people, instead about a person and a place. I am Talita Tobias Carneiro and I come from Brazil.

Tampere: Small in Size But Not in Thinking

Why a convinced cosmopolitan and a digital nomad ended up living in Tampere, Finland? Tampere Talent Ambassador Margarita Khartanovich shares her Tampere story.

Be Brave to Take The Road Less Traveled

“My mission is to empower others to fulfill their highest potential.” Tampere Talent Ambassador Kelly Keodara came to Tampere with a purpose.

Sense of Belonging in Tampere

Tampere Talent Ambassador Dixit K.C. believes, that one can call a place home, when they have found a connection with the place.

Life Is About The Journey

I am a Citizen of the World, but I Found My “Sweet Home” in Tampere, says the Tampere Talent Ambassador Selene Gama.

Tampere – The City of Innovation

"Homeless or multi-millionaire." Tampere Talent Ambassador Apil Karki moved to Tampere to pursue big dreams.

Opportunities Are To Be Discovered

"I just want to graduate and find a job after graduation", thought 20-year-old Yesselin Hermano when studying in Milan. But life had other plans.

Are You With Us?

My aim as a Talent Ambassador is to work towards an even better Tampere by helping international talents, who are already here or willing to be here, find their path and create their own opportunities. "Are you with us?" asks our Ambassador Hakki Meseci.

Creating Opportunities

I love Tampere, because here I am able to unleash everything I got inside of me, says Tampere Ambassador Stanley De Betong.

Tampere: Where The Journey of New Learning Began

The beauty of Tampere is the number of platforms that promote co-creation, innovation, literature and opportunity to develop new skills, elaborates Talent Ambassador Lakshmi.

Build It And They Will Come.

One day I’ll be an old grey(er) hipster reminiscing on how I loved Tampere before it was cool. There are so many exciting things happening in/to Tampere at the moment, writes Tampere Ambassador Ashley D Penn.

Connection With Nature

Catherine Ghersi, a publicist and wilderness guide from Chile, came to Tampere to start her career as a wilderness guide. She has been living all around the world  but in Tampere, she really feels the closeness and connection with nature.

Believe In Yourself

Talent Ambassador Ali Vatanshenas, a researcher from Tehran, believes that being active, developing yourself and adapting to culture are crucial when moving to a new environment.

Learning The Language Opens A World Of Opportunities

Céline Kylänpää, originally from France, decided to learn Finnish in order to understand and be able to speak with her Finnish family. "One day, a couple of years later, I started to talk in Finnish with my Finnish family."

Choose The Lifestyle That Suits You

Tampere Ambassador Esin Guldogan came to Tampere in 2001 to study, but ended up building her life and family here instead. "We prioritized safety, education and ease of life for our family."

Tampere Taught Me To Be Entrepreneurial

"I developed my sisu and learned to be entrepreneurial", writes our Ambassador Yulia Shumilova, who is a researcher originally from Tomsk, Russia.

The Incredible Journey

Talent Ambassador Shruti Mittal comes from India, Delhi. She followed her spouse to Finland 3 years ago, in December 2017.

Learning by Doing

Heramb Kulkarni came to Tampere to work in Nokia back in 2005. Today Heramb has his own Education business. As a Tampere Ambassador and a business man, Heramb wants to share his excperience and support other internationals.

Citizen Of The World

According to Tampere Ambassador Derek Corrêa, "Tampere feels to be safe, calm, and balanced." Love brought Derek to Tampere, and today he runs a digital marketing business with his partner here.

Multicultural Layers of the City of Tampere

At the beginning of 2020, Talent Ambassador Zeynep Kaynar moved to Tampere, Finland and embarked upon a new step in her career at the international level.

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