Welcome to Tampere!

Are you about to come and live, work, study, do research or just find new exciting possibilities in Tampere, Finland? Or are you a business looking to internationalise and grow with international experts? You have come to the right place!



Tampere - Best for You -
Attractive and Well-Known City for International Experts

Tampere City’s International Talent Attraction and Migration service branch supports the settlement of international experts in the region, encourages employers to utilize international experts for business growth, and steers jobseekers with an international background towards open labour markets. We bring services together for companies and international talents on a one-stop-shop basis.


Food Business in Tampere

COVID-19: Resources for support and advice are available to food businesses in Tampere.

Ideoita tulevaisuuden liiketoimintaan

Toimiiko yrityksenne kiertotalouden, turismin tai datan parissa? Etsittekö uusia näkemyksiä uuden teknologian hyödyntämiseen, etätyöhön tai uuteen etäarkeen?

International HUB Tampere – First Year of Operation

International HUB Tampere -project has reached its midterm. Now it is time to look back and forward together.

Information package for Talents

COVID-19: From this article international Talents can find links to helpful information published in English.

Information package for Startups

COVID-19: This Information package is targeted for Startups in Tampere area.

Information package for Companies and Entrepreneurs

COVID-19: This information package is targeted for Companies and Entrepreneurs in Tampere area.