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Information package for Companies and Entrepreneurs

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Information package for Talents

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Information package for Startups

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Welcome to Tampere

Welcome home! The International HUB Tampere is here to help you get started!

This is Tampere

Tampere is warm-hearted and straightforward.

About Tampere, Finland

During over 200 years Tampere has developed from an industrial town into a modern centre of high technology and a gathering of theatre and study.


Finnish Education

Finland consistently ranks very high in the PISA international student assessment programme, thanks to its high-quality, free and universal education.

Finnish Society

Finland is a safe and corruption free country up in the north. We take our democracy and freedoms very seriously. Here is a quick intro into Finnish governance.

Activities in Tampere

Tampere offers plenty of activities all through the year - regardless of weather or season. Have a look what the city region has in store for you!

Permits and Practicalities

If you plan on working and staying in Tampere, Finland for an extended period of time, you have to officially sort out a few things.

Housing Services

There is a wide variety of housing options from both public and private markets. Check the list to see which one suits you the best.

Migration Info Centre MAINIO

The Migration Info Centre Mainio, is a multi-lingual information and guidance centre dedicated to help you get started in Tampere.

10 reasons why Finland is a good country to thrive in

Tampere Ambassador Andruta Ilie writes about her experiences about Finland, Finns and how she has personally seen the Land of the Thousand Lakes


Work-life balance

Weeks of paid holidays annually. Sounds too good to be true? Finns take their work and free time very seriously.

Professional opportunities in the Tampere Region

The Tampere region is growing and developing, and so are the opportunities it holds. Here is an introduction to the current Finnish job market.

Professional checklist for job seekers

Do you have questions about how employers evaluate job applicants and on which they are focusing on when selecting candidates? This list may help you get started.

Employability Guide for International Jobseekers (PDF file)

This information package is aimed at international jobseekers and students looking for a job or an internship. Click here to download the latest version of the Employability Guide (12/19).


Tampere Startup Kit

The decision to start your own business is a huge one, but it is always a good idea to investigate all the possibilities.

Pop-up info desk

The City of Tampere is promoting services and encouraging international background entrepreneurs in their business activity by organizing POP-UP INFO DESK.


Studying in Tampere

Whether you are looking to pursue professional goals or your academic vision, we have the right place for you. In Tampere almost every fifth person is a student.

Services for Students

The new Tampere University will have more centralised capabilities to assist and facilitate all sorts of students from all fields of study.

Working at Tampere Universities

Find your path in a university community counted among the world’s best! International community includes employees from more than 80 countries.

Student Ambassadors

Meet the Student Ambassadors - the links between the university and the community.

International Talents Mentoring Programme

Mentoring offers an easy way to develop intercultural competencies and expertise in the global workmarkets. Click here for more info.

Hidden Gems

Have you followed your beloved one to Finland? The Hidden Gems programme is offered to all partners of international employees at the Tampere University. The programme aims at facilitating the employment and full integration of the spouses into the Finnish society.