Work-life balance

Weeks of paid holidays annually. Sounds too good to be true? Finns take their work and free time very seriously.

Professional opportunities in the Tampere Region

The Tampere region is growing and developing, and so are the opportunities it holds. Here is an introduction to the current Finnish job market.

Professional checklist for job seekers

Do you have questions about how employers evaluate job applicants and on which they are focusing on when selecting candidates? This list may help you get started.

Strengthening the international Tampere Region: jobs for talents, talents for companies

The City of Tampere is investing in international top-talent attraction, improving immigrant employment and opening the labour market globally.

Talent Tampere on LinkedIn – Boosting business with international talents

Click to redirect to the Talent Tampere LinkedIn page - a network of some 3000 talents and experts.

Employability Guide for International Jobseekers (PDF file)

This information package is aimed at international jobseekers and students looking for a job or an internship. Click here to download the latest version of the Employability Guide (12/19).