About Tampere

Tampere is a historic city with a vibrant but laid-back persona. Check out this article for finding out more about Tampere.

Finnish Education

Finland consistently ranks very high in the PISA international student assessment programme, thanks to its high-quality, free and universal education.

Finnish Society

Finland is a safe and corruption free country up in the north. We take our democracy and freedoms very seriously. Here is a quick intro into Finnish governance.

Permits and Practicalities

If you plan on working and staying in Tampere, Finland for an extended period of time, you have to officially sort out a few things.

Housing Services

There is a wide variety of housing options from both public and private markets. Check the list to see which one suits you the best.

Migration Info Centre MAINIO

The Migration Info Centre Mainio, is a multi-lingual information and guidance centre dedicated to help you get started in Tampere.

Experiences About Finland

Tampere Ambassador Andruta Ilie writes about her experiences in Finland and shares 10 reasons why she thinks Finland is a good country to thrive in.

Culture and Leisure

Tampere provides cultural and leisure activities around the year. Libraries, events, playgrounds, sports and public saunas bring people together.

Integration into Tampere, Finland

In this article we share tips, services, programs and activities on how to settle in and integrate into your new hometown.