International Growth

Go Global and Grow with International Experts! There are many benefits of hiring international professionals.

Employer’s Guide

Succeed in international recruitment! In this guide, we bring up the key things that should be taken into account when hiring an international employee.

Find an International Employee

The mobility of labour has increased as specialists are found abroad in many sectors. See our tips for finding an international employee either locally or globally.

Apply for Residence Permit

Hiring an international employee is not harder than hiring a Finnish employee, but you have to officially sort out a few things.

Make Use of Financial Assistance

Employers may receive financial assistance for recruitment and onboarding costs in certain situations.

Onboard a New Hire

How to support international employees and their families feel at home in Tampere? Once you have recruited the best talent, pay attention to engaging and retaining your new hires.

Talent CV Gallery

Is your Company growing? You can look for your next employee from the Talent CV Gallery. All talents are highly educated and experienced in their own field of expertise.

The Benefits of Young International Talent

Does your company want to be more innovative, break into new international markets, attract the best local and international talent, and increase staff morale and retention?

Attracting International Talent

In this article, we will share with you some of the ways you can organically attract young international talents to your company.

10 Reasons to Hire Erasmus Interns in Tampere

There are many reasons why your company should be considering hiring international Erasmus+ interns to your company.

The Cost-Effective Way to Hire Interns

Read about the cost savings that can be made by hiring Erasmus+ Interns, and why your business in Tampere should consider taking on young international talents.


Tiesitkö että erilaiset ihmiset työyhteisössä nostavat yrityksesi kannattavuutta ja lisäävät kasvua? KV-Liiga on ensimmäisen kansainvälisen rekrytoinnin palvelu pirkanmaalaisille yrityksille!

International House Tampere Drives Internationalisation Forward

Business coordinator Jani Tamminen from International House Tampere talks about his mission to help local companies on their journey in finding suitable international talents and making international recruitments.