6/4/2021 | Author: Natalia Gromova

Tampere Talent Ambassadors - What’s New?

From August 2020, in collaboration with International House Tampere we have been coordinating a newly established initiative called Tampere Talent Ambassadors. Talent Ambassadors is a part of a wider Tampere Ambassadors Programme, bringing together 39 professionals from different fields working to make Tampere even more known internationally. Our subprogramme contributes to the attraction and integration of international talents, while other subprogrammes work in the fields of business, congresses, promotion of local universities’, culture and sports. These activities are aligned with the City of Tampere’s strategy.

This is a new, but familiar experience to me because Tampere Ambassadors existed since 2015, although in a different form. From the beginning of the Ambassador network, international projects, volunteering and co-creation of the City’s future has been exciting to work with! The Tampere Ambassador program is a great social innovation to boost regional development and internationalization through the efforts of active citizens!

Talent Ambassadors, a dream team of 20 international professionals with passion, skills and commitment running projects to boost the potential of international talents in Tampere! We have different backgrounds and professions and our stories of arriving and cultural assimilation vary a lot. Some arrived as skilled professionals with a relocation package and some started from the scratch. Some speak 4 languages and for others using just English is enough. Some is enjoying the fluffy and cold winters, some need to return to their home country to experience year round summer weather. We are all different, but we all believe that our city is a great place to live and work! We want to help and inspire international talents to find their path to integration and happiness in Tampere! 

That is not easy to do in corona times. During the half year of activities, we have met in person only once and most of our planned events still take place online. Quite challenging for the newly established international voluntary network, isn’t it? Although, it has been a good way to test the concept and see the motivation and commitment. But the more we do, the more we are inspired through people’s passion and willingness to support and to give! That energy has always been with Ambassadors and I am happy we are managing to keep it in the new programme despite the challenges caused by corona! I cannot wait until quarantine restrictions are over and we can start to meet normally! From my experiences with the previous Tampere Ambassadors network, face to face meetings are a miracle, bringing lots of energy and inspiration!

It is still an experiment and piloting year for us, and we are given the trust to shape this new concept. We do not know what the programme will look like in a year, but we are super excited and curious! In the Autumn, we started with project ideas and formed teams around them. It was surprisingly easy to create six projects split equally across two areas: international talent attraction to Tampere and integration of international talents already living in the region. The projects have very different structures, size and timelines, although interim results will be available already in summer 2021!

Here are the projects in brief:

1. Attracting top talents with media tools
The project raises Tampere-based work opportunities awareness among young international top talents by using high quality media products, collaboration with media companies and Tampere-based companies.

2. Community space “Tampere, let’s Bloom together!”
The project aims for creating an inspiring space for internationals, their families and the international-minded Finns, to come together and congregate, share ideas and experiences in Tampere. Read more about Bloom at www.bloomtogether.fi.

3. Erasmus+ internships in Tampere
The project facilitates attracting international graduates to Tampere via Erasmus+ programme both by promoting Tampere as a great internship destination and by popularizing the benefits of internships to the local companies.

4. Future of Innovation
The project focuses on organising technology innovation competitions in Tampere to boost local expertise and attract international talents to the priority industries of our city. Read more about the Virtual Game at internationaltampere.fi/5g-for-games.

5. HRM of the month
The project aims to share with a wider local audience experiences of the employers hiring foreign specialists in Tampere in order to promote diversity, inclusive workplace culture and a huge potential of this kind of recruitment.

6. Youtube series for international talents in Tampere
The project creates a pool of well-structured and comprehensive video content about adapting to life in Finland and integration to Tampere’s society and work life.  Have a look at the first YouTube video on How to Boost Your Career in 5 Steps.

I wish all the best of luck for the project teams! Let’s make our City of Tampere even more international!

You can get to know the Tampere Talent Ambassadors and read their stories at internationaltampere.fi/stories.

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland has participated in the financing of the project. The project contributes to the goals of the national Talent Boost programme.

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