Ahoy you brave startup enthusiast! Great that you have found Tampere as a place to raise your startup with us!

This guide is for international startup teams who are considering to move their startup to Tampere and international talents who are already residing in Tampere and interested in creating their startups. This local Tampere version of Business Finland Startup Kit brings together the services of key actors in the Tampere region startup ecosystem to international startup entrepreneurs who have an interest in Finland with the start-up permit issued in 2018.

Finland’s Most Agile And Fastest Developing Startup City

Tampere offers an excellent setting for entrepreneurship and startups. The city actively invests in young entrepreneurs, and the strong local startup culture has created countless success stories in the video game and manufacturing industries as well as health tech, to name a few. The Tampere University and its cutting-edge research constantly bring new professionals and innovators to the region, where an active startup community offers plenty of relevant events.

The Tampere Startup Ecosystem Offers Every Key To Growth

Strong local networks will help your company find new professionals, customers and funding for growth. The Tampere startup ecosystem connects the region’s several hundred startups with investors, startup communities, higher education institutes and services that cover a startups’ whole lifespan. Startup Tampere and the active ecosystem facilitate many kinds of collaboration, such as product development, shared workspaces, investments and events. We warmly welcome you to Tampere! 

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EU/EEA citizens

Enter Finland freely without a visa or a residence permit. If you intend to live and work in Finland for longer than 90 days, you need to register your right to reside in Finland at the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) after your arrival.

Registering of right of residence
Click here to redirect to the Migri webpages for migration: Migri

Starting up smoothly
Chatbot service for foreign entrepreneurs in Finland http://www.startingupsmoothly.fi/


Citizens outside of EU

1) Submitting your eligibility statement request with your business plan
In addition to the regular immigration process, the Finnish Startup Permit makes it easy and fast for innovative entrepreneurs outside EU to build a startup company in Finland and to become part of Finland’s vibrant startup ecosystem.

Start your journey to Finland by writing your business plan and sending it to Business Finland with your Eligibility Statement request. All the necessary documents can be sent electronically. It takes approximately a month to get the statement from Business Finland.

Click here to redirect to the Business Finland pages for more information: Finnish startup permit.


2) Submitting your application for the Finnish Startup Permit
After receiving a favourable assessment from Business Finland, your next step is to apply for the Finnish Startup Permit from Finnish Immigration Service (Migri), with Business Finlands decision as an attachment.

Note that when you apply for your first residence permit for Finland, you can ask to be registered in the Finnish Population Information System. This means that you will receive a Finnish personal identity code at the same time as your residence permit.

Migri generally grants the Finnish Startup Permit for maximum period of two years. Click here to redirect to Migri pages for more info on the Startup residence permit: Startup residence permit

Here is the checklist for you to go through while planning to move to Tampere and further starting your social life:

  • Finding accommodation and moving to Tampere
  • Applying for personal identity code (when you have applied from inside EU / EEA)
  • Registering your place of residence
  • Opening a personal bank account
  • Tax Card
  • Getting health insurance
  • Getting a telephone and internet connection and electricity contract
  • Learning to get around in Finland
  • Getting familiar with the community and social networks

For more detailed information, please do check Business Finland’s Startup Kit. Click here

Questions regarding local personal living information contact Tampere Migration Info Centre Mainio. Read more about Mainio.

Applying to accelerator and incubator programs

Red Brick Accelerator
Take your business idea from prototype to your first customers in just 6 weeks! Red Brick Accelerator is an intensive coaching program for early-stage startups. Its goal is to support development of your idea from prototype stage to your first customer. Click to redirect: Red Brick.

Nordic Startup School
Nordic Startup School is designed to help you gain traction and unprecedented access to networks in USA! At Nordic Startup School you can learn from the best and improve your ability to fundraise. You can leverage our global network of founders, investors and mentors to accelerate your business. The program culminates with a celebration at Demo Day! Best startup of the batch will be chosen for acceleration Phase 2: 200 000€ investment and 9 months hands-on acceleration in US. Click to redirect: Nordic Startup School

Rapid Tampere Industry Accelerator
Rapid Tampere is the first collaboration accelerator in the region and its launch is coordinated by the City of Tampere and Business Tampere, the Tampere region economic development agency. Sandvik, Kalmar, Caruna and Valmet, all high-class international industrial companies, have joined Rapid Tampere, the first collaboration accelerator in Tampere Region, Finland. A global search for top high-tech collaborators to spar these companies towards progress has started. The powerful ecosystem of mobile machinery and process machinery located in the area, is an ideal growth medium for the accelerator and will attract the best international players. Click here to redirect.

Game Accelerator
Ten week course to hone your pitching skills, learn game business and get help from top gaming industry mentors! Click here to redirect

  • Get the best in business advice in hands-on sessions with veteran games industry mentors.
  • Weekly crash course in all topics of game development; from idea to release.
  • Learn to pitch and sell your games on any platform
  • Critique and advice from the top VCs in the industry!
  • Culminates in a public Mentor Day, where you get to pitch for both VCs and mentors!


New Factory
Currently New Factory do not run an acceleration program but work with startups case by case. New Factory is preparing a new startup incubator called Spinoutlab in cooperation with Tamlink and Tampere University. Click here to redirect New Factory.

New Factory can help your startup with the following:

  • Lean Startup Coaching by serial entrepreneurs and industry experts
  • Access to proven Service Providers
  • Access to Tech Community
  • Access to wide range of Industrial Partners
  • Access to Mentors and Investors
  • Co-working space in Finlayson area in collaboration with Varma


Programs – through application:

Business Mentoring Program
Mentoring provides advices to overcome obstacles in running a business. During mentoring period each entrepreneur receives needed guidance from local experienced business mentor and university student. Business mentor (senior mentor) shares his/her experience and junior mentor (university student) brings new, fresh ideas and practical approach to your business case. This successful cooperative approach helps you to develop your business. Content and objectives are tailored according to entrepreneur’s needs. Entrepreneur is expected to engage pro-actively to the mentoring program for 6 months and organize frequent mentoring meetings. Service is free of charge. Read more

C-Lab is an 8-week sprint in which you will learn how to get a product or service ready to launch. You and your diverse team will partner with a local startup, research team, or social organization to  develop a real, implementable commercialization plan. If you don’t know what the word commercialization means or it sounds scary or corporate, worry not! Commercialization is simply the process of bringing new products or services to market. And C-LAB is an opportunity to do exactly that! Click to redirect: C-Lab

Growthmakers is a Tampere3 program that trains students to lead, grow, and internationalize businesses. Local companies have the opportunity to hire a Growthmaker team to achieve their growth and internationalization goals. We learn from experts, partner locally, and impact globally. Click to redirect Growthmakers

Facilitated co-creation between companies and international talents in Tampere region. Growthbuilders is a concrete and forthright way for businesses and international experts with valuable know-how to generate growth together. The program consists of one-month long collaboration periods taking place in VarmaWorks co-working space in Finlayson area in the city center. New Factory experts are facilitating the collaboration and taking care of all the practicalities. Read more

Demola brings together students and leading brands.  With Demola, global and local organizations challenge university students to create a better future. Today, our innovation challenges bring together over 50 universities, 750,000 students and the leading companies from around the world. Read more


Open Programs

Pop-up info Desk
The City of Tampere is promoting services and encouraging international background entrepreneurs in their business activity by organizing Pop-up Info Desk. Managing taxes, searching for funding, understanding the Finnish business culture and finding reliable information are the most common difficulties identified by entrepreneurs. At the Pop-up info desk you can receive advice, guidance or get practical help on business matters. Come by to share your thoughts or great idea with us! We want to hear from you! Click to redirect: Pop-up info desk

Sparring Breakfasts
Startup Tampere launches a new series of events in collaboration with Tribe Tampere. Sparring breakfast is aimed for entrepreneurs / interest on entrepreneurship and people working especially in startup / growth companies. Idea is to meet around specific theme and share knowledge and experiences as well as learn from each other. The best way to reach success and avoid mistakes that someone else has already done, is to openly discuss own challenges and listen what others have to say. Aim is also invite someone who is an expert on the theme to lead discussions event that the focus is on participants peer support.

Mix&Match Networking Events
Did you know that finding a job in Finland goes through hard networking? You should join to find right people that could help you kickstart your career and succeed in Finland! How to find the right talent for your startup/SME/company? We have many talents in house seeking for their dream job so come and check yourself! Read more

  • Startup – Team: most startups fail. It is a fact. One of the most important reasons is the TEAM! It’s not easy to find a core team member or co-founder for your new business or idea from your friends circle often. Thus, you should be very open to meet various people in networking events to FIND THE ONE! If you are entrepreneurial minded person and love to be part of a startup but lacking a business idea, then just come and search for something that you would love to be part of!
  • Networking: Love meeting new people and discovering new opportunities? Businesses are run with people and meeting people helps you reach new dimensions, sales targets and so on. Well, you’re in right hands because we have a relaxed networking event for people who just love to meet new people.



Startup Tampere

  • Tommi Uitti Startup Community Manager Tommi.Uitti@Businesstampere.com
  • Sami Puottinen Project Manager, Sami.Puttonen@Businesstampere.com
  • Tapio Siik Project Director, House Of Startups, Tapio.Siik@Businesstampere.com

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