Ahoy you brave startup enthusiast! Great to have you found Tampere as a place to raise your startup with us!

This guide is aimed at international startup teams who are considering to move their startup to Tampere and international talents who are already residing in Tampere and interested in creating their startups.

This local Tampere version of Business Finland Startup Kit brings together the services of key actors in the Tampere region startup ecosystem to international startup entrepreneurs who have an interest in Finland with the start-up permit issued in 2018.

Finland’s Most Agile And Fastest Developing Startup City

Tampere offers an excellent setting for entrepreneurship and startups. The city actively invests in young entrepreneurs, and the strong local startup culture has created countless success stories in the video game and manufacturing industries as well as health tech, to name a few. The Tampere University and its cutting-edge research constantly bring new professionals and innovators to the region, where an active startup community offers plenty of relevant events.

The Tampere Startup Ecosystem Offers Every Key To Growth

Strong local networks will help your company find new professionals, customers and funding for growth. The Tampere startup ecosystem connects the region’s several hundred startups with investors, startup communities, higher education institutes and services that cover a startups’ whole lifespan. Startup Tampere and the active ecosystem facilitate many kinds of collaboration, such as product development, shared workspaces, investments and events.

We warmly welcome you to Tampere! 

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EU/EEA citizens

Enter Finland freely without a visa or a residence permit.

If you intend to live and work in Finland for longer than 90 days, you need to register your right to reside in Finland at the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) after your arrival.


Registering of right of residence

Click here to redirect to the Migri webpages for migration: Migri

Starting up smoothly

Chatbot service for foreign entrepreneurs in Finland http://www.startingupsmoothly.fi/


Citizens outside of EU

1) Submitting your eligibility statement request with your business plan

In addition to the regular immigration process, the Finnish Startup Permit makes it easy and fast for innovative entrepreneurs outside EU to build a startup company in Finland and to become part of Finland’s vibrant startup ecosystem.

Start your journey to Finland by writing your business plan and sending it to Business Finland with your Eligibility Statement request. All the necessary documents can be sent electronically. It takes approximately a month to get the statement from Business Finland.

Click here to redirect to the Business Finland pages for more information: Finnish startup permit .


2) Submitting your application for the Finnish Startup Permit

After receiving a favourable assessment from Business Finland, your next step is to apply for the Finnish Startup Permit from Finnish Immigration Service (Migri), with Business Finlands decision as an attachment.

Note that when you apply for your first residence permit for Finland, you can ask to be registered in the Finnish Population Information System. This means that you will receive a Finnish personal identity code at the same time as your residence permit.

Migri generally grants the Finnish Startup Permit for maximum period of two years.

Click here to redirect to Migri pages for more info on the Startup residence permit: Startup residence permit

Here is the checklist for you to go through while planning to move to Tampere and further starting your social life:

  • Finding accommodation and moving to Tampere
  • Applying for personal identity code (when you have applied from inside EU / EEA)
  • Registering your place of residence
  • Opening a personal bank account
  • Tax Card
  • Getting health insurance
  • Getting a telephone and internet connection and electricity contract
  • Learning to get around in Finland
  • Getting familiar with the community and social networks

For more detailed information, please do check Business Finland’s Startup Kit. Click here to redirect for more information: Startup Kit. 

Questions regarding local personal living information contact Tampere Migration Info Centre Mainio. Click here to redirect to the city of Tampere’s webpages: Mainio.

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