Studying in Tampere

There are close to 40,000 students in Tampere and they definitely make their presence felt!

Tampere is an excellent city for studying and almost every fifth person living in Tampere is a student. According to several national surveys, Tampere is the most popular city to live and study in Finland. In addition, Tampere is a very lively city with plenty of choices for freetime activities, events, live music and possibility to easily get around by bike or on foot.

Tampere University Student Ambassadors - TAU students representing the university in their purple T-shirts

Tampere University community comprises both Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) who work in close collaboration. All our students, staff and alumni are members of the community. 

Tampere University and TAMK offer all degree students and exchange students the opportunity to choose certain courses across institutional boundaries. This provides students who join our community the opportunity to tailor their studies and stand above the competition in their future careers. Future stars in any field are not from the same mold – they need skills to adapt, adopt and innovate. This is what we inspire in our students, staff members and the broader society. 

Our university community is the second largest in Finland with our 35 000 students, 50 international degree programmes, 3 500 international students and 1 000 international partnerships. 

Tampere University Student Ambassadors - Group of students receiving councelling at the TAU Hakuneuvonta stand

Studying in a Finnish university might differ quite a lot from what you are used to. Hierarchy in Finnish universities is usually very low and the relationships between students and teachers are relatively informal. Most teachers and other staff often invite you to call them by their first name. The Finnish system of academic education gives students a lot of freedom in planning and scheduling their studies. 

More information on study culture at the university community is available on our website.

In addition to the universities, there are other education institutes in Tampere. The Police University College is Finland’s only police education facility, a centre of expertise in police education, research and development. Click here to redirect for the Police University College website.

All new police officers are graduates of the Police University College. The University College also organises graduate courses and continuing education 

With a strong history in secondary vocational training dating all the way back to the 1890’s, Tampere offers education from log house building to hotel receptionist training at Tampere Vocational College Tredu. Nowadays there are approximately 12 500 basic vocational qualification students, 1800 further qualification students, 1200 specialist qualification students. Tredu offers some of its courses also in English. Click here to redirect to Tredu.

Tampere Adult Education Centre, TAKK, is a multisectoral vocational educator and working life developer. Annually, there are over 13 000 adult students, and the number of employees is around 240. TAKK provides vocational education in Finnish, so the  student has to have a sufficient knowledge of the Finnish language. Education, operations and learning environments are developed in close cooperation with working life and companies. Click here to redirect to TAKK.