Multicultural Layers of the City of Tampere

Tampere Talent Ambassador Zeynep Kaynar

I am a multi-disciplinary artist working with tools such as photography, drawing, painting and installation. I have participated in artist residency programs; selected shows at art institutions in Belgium, Turkey and Finland. At the beginning of 2020, I moved to Tampere, Finland and embarked upon a new step in my career at the international level.  I became a member of the Tampere Artists’ Association, and I still continue my artistic research & production that focuses on the typographic application of an abstract alphabet influenced by sleeping patterns. Starting from October 2020, I became a proud member of the International Tampere Talent Ambassadors Network.

Aside from my artistic career, I worked in the art & culture industry, higher education sector while participating in freelance marketing and design projects, which included leading strategic research-driven campaigns, re-branding, developing design solutions on print media, photographic & video production but not limited to visual content production but writing/editing editorial content. Currently, I am studying at Tampere University at the faculty of Education and Culture to develop pedagogical competencies in the lifelong learning and workplace pedagogy fields while offering services for designing and planning art education curriculum, artistic activities and workshops at the local cultural institutions on behalf of Tampere Intercultural Art Community.

Despite the trying times, Tampere Talent Ambassadors have been actively working to build social & professional connections to support professional development of the community while engaging in projects targeting international talent attraction and retention through online seminars and networking events. The COVID-19 and transition process at the public realm was never easy; however, I am happy to participate in a community that does not give up on their dreams, missions and continue working very hard to meet their goals even under very restricting conditions. This is the Finnish sisu  and that  gives me hope & motivation to become an active participant in the community to support the diversity, inclusivity of the city of Tampere. 

For more information regarding my work & interests, check out my Linkedin profile, follow me on Instagram or visit my professional web page:

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