The Migration Info Centre Mainio, is a multi-lingual information and guidance centre and is a service provided by the City of Tampere. Our offices are located at Rautatienkatu 10, opposite the LIDL on the 5th floor in the International Tampere Skills Centre. Customers are served in about 16 different languages by advisors, all of whom speak also Finnish.

The services are available for all but particularly migrants who seek information and advice in their own language about moving to, settling and integrating in Finland. At the Info Centre, customers can ask anything about living, working and studying in Tampere such as Visa and Residence permits, Integration process related matters, crises and disputes or social services issues such as Kela.

The advisors can help with explaining Finnish documents or correspondence, filling in different forms and applications, or assisting when dealing with Finnish or Swedish speaking officials or for example banking services, as well as making appointments for public services. Any question or topic is welcome! No prior booking for appointments is needed and the service is completely free of charge.

How to get in touch with MAINIO?

You can contact Mainio in your own language by email, telephone or download our free to use app to your mobile phone. For Android, click here to redirect: Google Play Store. For iOS, click here to redirect: Apple App Store

Rautatienkatu 10, 33100 Tampere

Different languages
English, Nepali, Hindi, Somali, Arabic, Persian, Dari, Kurdish, Portuguese, Chinese, Thai, Lao, Spanish, French, Bulgarian and Russian

For more detailed contact information and our service hours, visit our website.
Also, feel free to click here to join the MAINIO Facebook group.

Have you ever wondered if you can integrate into Finnish society as an international student?
Know more by participating in Initial Assessment programme. Mainio offers initial assessments and advisory services  for international students in Tampere who have lived in Finland for less than 3 years. The service is completely free of charge. Click here for more info.