Life Is About The Journey

Tampere Talent Ambassador Selene Gama

My Life Did Not Start Here...

Originally from Brazil, I come from a big family with a lot of uncles and cousins. My father was a self-taught, succesful, city worker. His hobbies were: composing songs for piano, writing poetry, and repairing watches. The puzzle of it was fascinating to him! My mother loves challenges, she is very much involved with social issues, and she is also talented with handicrafts. Now, at the age of 90+, she is a member of a motorcycle club in Brazil. What a lady! 

Life is about the journey. I don’t see limitation as something that can stop me. For me it’s just a flag that shows me that I need to find another way to do what I want to do. My main interest in life is people and social causes. When I was young, I learned how to listen myself. This gave me a strong personality and values, but it also gave me the total freedom to enjoy of being a part of the diversity – without the need to agree and just accept the differences in people’s choices.

My Work Diary

I breathe changes and eat challenges in all shapes and forms. This has given me the opportunities to work in different jobs and fields. You name it, I have done it or I will take it as an idea for next! 🙂

Recently, in collaboration with Ramona Bilmez, Business Coordinator at the City of Tampere, we started a Cultural Business Training. A series of gatherings, meetings, and workshops bringing together a multitude of cultures in our city while promoting entrepreneurship.

Currently, I’m writing a new exciting chapter in my life – I am a business partner with my lovely husband in the food industry. What a journey! We run a small food trailer at Tammelantori – Tapioca Soul where we offer our own interpretation of Brazilian food and catering service with the option of live music entertainment by me and my fellow musicians. This year we became sponsors of Rafael Giorgio, a Brazilian Futsal player at Ilves FS. One of my personal goal is to inspire other small companies to engage with society and invest in talents. People are not only our customers, they are an important part of the chain.

I am a Citizen of the World, but I Found My “Sweet Home” in Tampere

I believe in creating solutions and opportunities. I came from a country where we don’t have a social system as in Finland, one has to be creative and most of the time, literally build from scratch or even from nothing and get it done in a big way. That could be one of my contributions. What potential do you see for Tampere in the future? Just the desire to try and make changes is already a great reason to believe that Tampere has the potential. I see Tampere as a canvas with a lot of magic blank spaces, we have the opportunity to fill it with new colors that come from our amazing diversity of talents and paint the future we want to create for the next generations. It is never too soon or too late, now we are here, that makes it perfect timing to do that.

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