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Read on to find out how you can take advantage of the benefits of hiring young international talents in Tampere.

Programs like Erasmus+ and Talent Boost make it easier than ever to hire your next young international talent. Erasmus+ supports ‘traineeships’ (work experience placements or internships) for students, recent graduates, and PhD candidates of universities in programme countries. 

Erasmus+ interns bring with them many skills and contacts that native graduates don’t possess. The quality of Erasmus+ interns is often high as it takes a lot of guts (and high language test scores) to relocate to another country. In fact, there are so many benefits to hiring an Erasmus+ intern we wrote this article “10 Reasons to Hire Erasmus Interns in Tampere“.

The Tampere region is one of the most international areas in Finland, second only to the metropolitan area.  Some 8% of the 410 000 inhabitants hail from countries other than Finland. There is a great, untapped potential source of innovative and eager talent within Tampere. This only looks set to continue as more and more international talents come to Tampere. 

Erasmus+ interns are usually eligible for financial assistance grants. Currently, the Erasmus+ grant available to interns coming to Finland is 620€ per month. The funding Erasmus interns receive is intended to be a contribution towards their travel and living expenses, and thus can be considered as part of their salary. This makes hiring Erasmus interns more cost-effective than hiring a similarly qualified local student.

Finland has a long history of employing interns for summer job’s or trainees. However, there are only 313,800 students in the 13 universities and 22 universities of applied sciences in Finland. Although impressive for a relatively small country, this is a limited pool to choose from. Currently, there are some 17.5 million students in higher education in the EU. That’s quite a pool to find the ideal candidate from. 

You could be taking your first new Erasmus intern as soon as an advert goes live.

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