Career Boost in Tampere

5 Steps for Highly Skilled Internationals

5 Steps to Help You on Your Way to Employment in the Tampere Region!

These steps are especially targeted for highly skilled international job-seekers. The steps include services, events, financial support and other tips to get your career boosted in the Tampere region.

Find general information about employment in order to understand what job search is like in Finland. There are several useful pages where you can find general information about employment and finding a job in Finland. is a multi-language website for people planning to move to Finland and to immigrants already living in the country. InfoFinland gives you an introduction to working and finding a job in Finland. 

Get to know yourself, explore your options and recognise the demand for your skills. Successful job seeking is based on understanding your personal competence, strengths and motivation. Knowledge of career options and requirements is equally necessary. Writing a good job application and updating your LinkedIn profile will only be possible after getting to know yourself and your options.

  • Read stories from professional life describing various professional duties and required skills on the Tö service. The site provides tips especially for students. You will be able to explore the titles and salary information of graduates from various disciplines.
  • TEK Työkirja contains tips for job-searching and offers tools that help in planning your career. It helps especially tech students to find a job, whether it’s a summer job, internship, traineeship or a master’s thesis position. However, the information is relevant to many other international job-seekers as well.

Find out estimated demand for workforce in key occupations. See the estimates of Occupational Barometer of the Tampere region.

If you are already residing in Finland, get familiar with public employment services. You can sign up as a jobseeker online or by contacting your local Employment and Economic Development Agency (TE-Office).  Click here to redirect: Register yourself as a jobseeker at the TE Office

Find relevant private employment agencies on your field. Look for agencies that will suit your needs and skills and register with one or more agencies.

Take time to update your CV and cover letter and adapt it to the job you are applying for. Make your profile stand out but keep your CV to two pages and personalized cover letter one page maximum. Examples of modern CV templates

If you are already residing in Finland, load your CV to the Talent CV Gallery in order to gain professional visibility among the Tampere based businesses.

Find the best job listing websites that focus on your industry. From national vacancy search by TE-services (“Avoimet työpaikat”) you will find all the vacancies reported to the TE-services. If you subscribe to Paikkavahti (vacancy watch service), you will receive emails about the job advertisements matching your search criteria. 

Where to find positions for English speaking professionals in Finland? Jobs in Finland is a service that aggregates job openings that don’t require Finnish skills, serving employers in Finland and job seekers in Finland and abroad.

Find also other relevant search engine sites and job boards on your sector and visit careers pages of potential companies.

If you are a student at Tampere University or Tampere University of Applied Sciences, you will find information and support regarding career planning during your studies. Visit the University community’s Career Services.

Strengthen your social media presence. Create a LinkedIn profile if you do not have one yet. Keep your profile updated and build your network online. Be active and optimize LinkedIn for your job-search. Research the companies you’re interested in and follow them. Introduce yourself on the International HUB Tampere Group LinkedIn page

Find companies (and “hidden jobs”) on your field of expertise. Once you have identified your personal competence and potential and started browsing open vacancies, it’s time to start exploring “hidden jobs” as well. Hidden jobs are job opportunities which are not advertised anywhere but a job may be created when a capable person offers his or her expertise at a suitable time. Before you can offer your expertise, you should get to know companies on your field of expertise.

Industry clusters, major employers and other companies in the Tampere region can be explored on Invest In Tampere Online portal. You can also search for company related data  in Tampere, Finland (In Finnish) on Business Tampere Yritystieto or explore the growth oriented companies located in the Tampere region on Tampere Region Growth Monitor 2.0 (Beta). These websites collect data from different sources into a combined data base. These portals help you to identify the companies in your field. Do not hesitate to contact hiring managers directly.

Attend events to boost your job seeking skills and find events for professional networking. Search information on companies, create a list of potential employers and contact your connections about potential job opportunities.

  • Event calendar of local Employment and Economic Development Offices (some events are in English as well)
  • Platform6 – Home of Tampere Startups with high growth potential and global ambition
  • – Open community for entrepreneurial and startup-minded talents
  • – Browse business events and trainings for companies in Tampere region and take part in events catching your interest!
  • – Community and meeting place for Health & Wellbeing co-development
  • ecosystem brings together artificial intelligence expertise and supporting activities in the Tampere region.
  • and Tampere Game Hub – Professional network for game developers
  • – A dynamic regional business ecosystem providing partnerships and business opportunities in the Tampere Region.
  • and MOW Supernova – Attend events held in working communities and business accelerators
  • – Attend trade fairs to meet local companies
  • (Helsinki). Biggest trade show and expo organizer in Finland
  • Trade Associations – Business Associations support Finnish enterprises’ internationalization and export activities. They have business expertise in 17 different countries/regions around the world.
  • Find other professional networking events on your field of expertise!

In Finland most of the jobs never make it to the job boards. Employers often look for employees through their own networks. You may always contact employers directly, present yourself and inquire after possible vacancies.

Networking is not just taking part in recruitment events. It happens naturally if you are open to meet new people and tell them what you are interested in. So, be active, talk and be engaged!

Consider contacting Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SME’s) in addition to contacting larger businesses. Expand your job search to the entire Pirkanmaa region and discover opportunities in the surrounding municipalities of Tampere as well. Explore industry clusters, search for businesses and find major employers in the Tampere region by using infografic tools: Click here

Familiarize yourself with various support programs and financial assistance that can improve your employment.

TE Office offers a wide range of support in finding jobs or trainings: work try-out, pay subsidy, vocational labour market training, jobseeker’s independent study, apprenticeship training and integration training. Click here

What is work try-out?
A work try-out at a workplace may help you to get your foot in the door. The purpose of a work trial is to clarify your vocational and career choice options or to support you entering the Finnish job market. You will receive the same benefits during the work try-out as you would if you were unemployed, or it may be increased. You may also receive a small compensation for your expenses over the days, which you take part in the try-out. Find out if work try-out could be your stepping stone to the job market: Click here

What is pay subsidy and how to get it?
Contact TE Office to ask your eligibility for a pay subsidy. Pay subsidy means you will be paid according to the applicable collective agreement (or, if no applicable collective agreement exists, a prevalent and reasonable wage for the job in question), but your employer can receive pay subsidies for up to 30%, 40%, or 50% of your pay costs. More information about pay subsidy: Click here

See also TE Office Support for Education and Training: Click here

Business Finland Talent Explorer
Financial support for companies to hire an expert for gaining new knowledge and expertise to help advance in a new global market. Click here

City of Tampere can support a company financially when hiring an unemployed international jobseeker.
Financial support for a company is 600 €/month for a 6 months period.
The jobseeker has to meet certain criteria. For more information contact The City of Tampere by email or by phone 040 806 4332. More information about “Rekrytointilisä” (in Finnish): Click here

Get personal support
International House Tampere provides you FREE online advice through a one-time consultation in English, supporting you to identify opportunities that will accelerate your plans. Read more about the International Talent Advisory Service by clicking here.

Do you need personal guidance in education or job seeking?
The International Tampere Skills Centre offers services for international job seekers in the Tampere region. The Skills Centre provides support and guidance for work and study for immigrants residing in Tampere. You can become a customer of the International Tampere Skills Centre by sending an e-mail to or by calling Employment Services on +358 40 801 6581 (Mon-Fri 9: 00-15: 45). Finnish nationality, residence permit or EU-registration is required. Read more about the International Skills Centre by clicking here.

Are you interested in higher education (universities) studies?
Please contact the Simhe guidance services. Guidance is also given to those who already have a university degree, but are interested in i.e. additional studies or advice on identifying their own competence. You can make an appointment for a guidance discussion or ask questions related to university studies by email to Read more about the Simhe services in finnish by visiting their webpage (in Finnish) or watching the video.

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