Entrepreneurial Service Path Guide

Short guide to Tampere business ecosystem that includes information about business tools, organizations, business training, experts and events.

Tampere Startup Kit

This is where you will find everything you need to know to get you started with your business, from getting your permits to developing your startup in Tampere.

Pop-up info desk

At the POP-UP INFO DESK international background entrepreneurs can receive advice, guidance or get practical help on business matters.

Business Mentoring

Are you an entrepreneur in Tampere and in need of advice and guidance on your business case? In case you answered yes, this individual business mentoring program is just for you!

Mix&Match Networking Event

Mix&Match networking events are for startup minded entrepreneurial people to find co-founders or team members and jobs in startups while having meaningful encounters!

Startup Rekry

Not like any other regular job fair or recruitment event! Designed and carefully curated for startups and jobseekers interested in startup jobs.

Check If You Need a Residence Permit

This section includes information on permit and registration process you need take care of before you can start to develop your business in Tampere.

Relocate to Tampere

Here is a list of things you need to sort out when planning to move and start your life in Tampere, Finland.

Establish Your Startup

Start establishing your company by applying financial support and registering your business, opening a corporate bank account and finding workspace.

Develop Your Startup

This section provides you with information on how to develop your business, make use of the available services and get funding.

Build Your Network

Tampere has several communities and caters a variety of events that are excellent gateways for networking, meeting up with investors and potential clients and to build a name for your business.