The Ecosystems for your Internship in Tampere

Author: Tampere Talent Ambassadors

Tampere has a wealth of active ecosystems in a range of business sectors from technology, health, media, and sciences. In this article, we take you through some of the main business ecosystems that are active in Tampere and introduce some of the key players to target in your quest to find the perfect Erasmus+ Internship placement.

1. AI and Analytics and the Tampere Imaging Ecosystem

Building on Tampere’s long technological history from companies like Nokia and Microsoft, the Tampere AI and Analytics ecosystem is a strong and diverse ecosystem fully integrated with the Smart Tampere programme. The Smart Tampere programme itself has a history of taking on International Interns through Business Tampere. You can read international talent Marion Chevalier’s story here. “I wanted to come to Tampere because it stood out from other cities”

With a lot of cooperation between businesses and Tampere Universities (one of the largest universities in Finland), the ecosystem has a lot of knowledge on imaging and image processing, neural networks, and mobile software from over 100 companies. Check out this video to find out more. 

Talking of imaging, Tampere Imaging Ecosystem is one of the top 5 imaging clusters in the world. The ecosystem includes large multinational companies like Microsoft and Xiomi, as well as smaller specialists working in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI) in imaging, deep learning, and machine vision.

2. Tampere Automotive Cluster, Intelligent Machines and Automation and Connectivity

Tampere’s imaging and AI expertise is put to good use in the Tampere Automotive Cluster, bringing together diverse actors working in areas such as autonomous vehicles, connectivity, electrification, and ridesharing. Tampere has the largest concentration of intelligent machines in Europe and is a centre of excellence for the automotive industry. There are around 60 main actors in the cluster bringing together local and international companies like Axon, Echargie, VTT Research, and Sitowise. Check out this video by Business Tampere for more info. 

Tampere has the highest concentration of mobile machine-building companies in the EU, with over 50 000 people employed in these companies, which collectively turn over €13 000 million. The Intelligent Machines and Automation Hub brings together actors in the areas of autonomous systems, data analytics and AI, imaging and photonics, and robotics and intelligence. Top companies in the ecosystem include Agco Power, Avant, Bronto SkyliftJohn Deere, KonecranesMetso MineralsSandvik, and Valmet

Tampere has a long tradition of wireless and wired communication, from the establishment of Nokia to the world’s first camera phone, and now 5G and LoRA technologies facilitating the Internet of Things. The Connectivity Ecosystem brings together actors in technology and R&D. Here is a short video introducing the ecosystem:

3. Circular Economy and Cleantech

The Circular Economy and Cleantech Ecosystem in Tampere is an eclectic mix of companies offering diverse services and representing various industries. With strong R&D cooperation between companies and Tampere Universities, the ecosystem thrives on innovation. The ecosystem is organized into various clusters of actors on subjects including energy, water, industrial solutions, the built environment, logistics, transport, and the sharing economy, and waste flows and side streams. Check out the links for companies acting in each cluster. 

4. Education and Learning

Finland has a world-leading reputation in education. Education Tampere is a community of companies and institutions in Tampere providing learning services and technologies. The ecosystem covers actors in many areas including edtech, health, innovation and entrepreneurship, online learning, and sports and wellbeing, to name but a few.

5. Experience Economy and the Cultural Scene

Film Tampere promotes the Tampere region as a filming location as well as developing the local audiovisual economy. With 20 studios and over 150 professionals and companies working in the sector, there are a lot of opportunities. Located in Tampere, Mediapolis is Finland’s home of storytelling and digital media. It is a growing centre of media companies and organisations including the national broadcaster YLE. 

Tampere has a diverse and active cultural scene with some of Europe’s largest festivals in theatre and music.  We reached out to international music talent Beatriz Macías, the Artistic Director of Tampere Flute Fest for insider knowledge of the music scene in Tampere. Beatriz works directly with interns at the Tampere Flute Fest – “The music scene in Tampere offers a variety of opportunities for both local and international students to come together and get valuable ‘hands-on experience.” Of the internships at the Flute Fest, she says “Our main goal is to provide students with the steppingstones needed to build powerful careers in the 21st century. …we are helping young artists get a more globalized experience so that they are able to manage an artistic career in the now.

Internships in music festivals in Tampere offer an experience not only to performers, but also photographers, producers, and marketing professionals. Festivals that currently take interns include Tampere Flute Fest, Maailmantango festivaali (internships available in English, Spanish and Finnish), Tampere Chamber Music (in association with Tampere Universities), Tampere Jazz Happening, Tampere Vocal Music Festival, Tampere Biennale, Tampere Guitar Festival, and Festibal Iberoamericano (offering internships in production, photography, and media in Spanish and English and Finnish).

6. Health Technology and Life Science

Tampere is a leader in technology in health. The Health Technology and Life Sciences ecosystem is an active ecosystem of over 2200 ICT companies, 37 startups, 11 hospitals, and 36 pharmacies that cover expertise such as tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, stem cell research, and vaccine research. From this link, you can find a comprehensive list of over 60 companies in the health and technology sector to target your search. Actors in this sector include Mehiläinen Oy, Vincit Plc., CGI, Polar Electro Oy, and Modulight Oy, to name but a few.

7. Startup Tampere

Finland is famous for being one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world, and Tampere is the most agile and fastest developing startup city in Finland! Business Tampere manages the Startup Tampere ecosystem where you will find many startups. Platform 6 is the home of startups in Tampere. It is a community of over 50 startups that not only share a physical space in the heart of Tampere but also collaborate and grow together. Tribe Tampere is another great resource that links startups and talents. They also work directly with interns themselves- “We are a team of Tribe staff, interns and active community members committed to make the startup community in Tampere shine!

A world of opportunities for interns in Tampere!

This list is by no means exhaustive. There are many other great sectors and individual companies operating in the Tampere region. However, this is a great place to start looking for your Erasmus+ internship in Tampere.

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland has participated in the financing of the project. The project contributes to the goals of the national Talent Boost programme.

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