Tampere: The Best Place to do Your Internship

Author: Tampere Talent Ambassadors

With a wealth of countries and cities to undertake your Erasmus+ internship, why choose Tampere? In this article we look at the many reasons to come to Tampere to undertake your internship, and why you might just love it!

1. The thriving international scene

Tampere is a university city with some 1000 new international students coming to the university every year. In fact, every 6th person in Tampere is a student. During your internship, you are guaranteed to meet other young internationals and be able to join in a range of exciting and engaging activities. 

People in Tampere generally speak excellent English. There are several organizations and groups that can assist you with integrating such as IESAF (The International English Speaking Association of Finland) which has a local Facebook Group in Tampere. There is also a brand-new initiative, Bloom Tampere. Bloom is a ‘Tampere-based community where people with an international mindset can cultivate connections, have fun and empower each other, and now has its own physical space for international people to meet located in Kehäsari.

2. Startup Culture

Tampere is the most active startup community in Finland (a country renowned for its innovative startup culture). According to recent research, there were 285 startups in Tampere as of January 2020. Doing an internship with a startup means you’ll be given more responsibility, have a greater range of tasks and thus gain a better experience, and learn from true innovators.

3. Excellent career prospects

Tampere is a growing region, and centre of excellence for many industries including over 35 400 companies  representing active business ecosystems in:

AI and Analytics
Circular Economy and CleanTech
Education and Learning
Experience Economy
Health Technology and Life Science
Safety and Security

With up to 85% of jobs not advertised in Finland the contacts you make during your Erasmus+ internship in Tampere will give you a competitive advantage over other international talents.

4. A city of culture

Tampere is aiming to be the European Capital of Culture 2026. With over 25 museums and theatres, and a range of cafes, bars, and restaurants, in Tampere, there is always something to do in your free time. And if you really want to get emersed in the local culture while you are doing your internship, Tampere is the world capital of sauna. There are 12 public saunas in Tampere to choose from. Your colleagues should be able to advise you which is their favourite.

Turn your internship in Tampere into an experience of a lifetime.

Tampere has a thriving startup and international business culture that will upskill your expertise and fast-track your career- However, that is only half the story! You may choose Tampere to do your Erasmus internship in because you know you will enjoy the lively international scene and culture. Whatever your reason, you can rest assured, Tampere is the best place to be an intern.

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland has participated in the financing of the project. The project contributes to the goals of the national Talent Boost programme.

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