9/6/2021 | Author: Anastasiia Ageeva

Startup Rekry 2021: Graduate’s Tips & Event Insights

Mid-March was illuminated by the brightest recruitment event – Startup Rekry 2021, which was organized by International House Tampere. Two active and insightful days, hundred talents, tens of startups, professional speakers, inspiring sessions, and everything that you would love about it happened so fast, that we definitely need more events like that one. Did you miss it? Don’t worry, I will share my experience and reveal some secrets. Let’s go!

Who am I?

Hi! My name is Anastasiia Ageeva, I am a young Haaga-Helia University of Applied Science graduate (2020), with a bachelor’s degree in International Sales & Marketing. Originally, I am from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, but my life relates quite a lot to Finland: from the first family trip on holidays to two educations afterward. I have been to many Finnish cities, including Joensuu, Mikkeli, Lahti, and Helsinki. I have never been to Tampere or Turku, but heard quite a lot about these cities and wanted to visit them one day. Pandemic situation and restrictions make our travel life harder, but it opens new possibilities to discover places and meet people online.

Lately, I spend my days searching for a job. I found out that emails and forms are not working anymore, so I decided to try something new and participate in the online event. Startup Rekry became the first of such events. It was an exciting new experience to get. My initial plan was to do my best to find a job, visit as many sessions as possible, and get new connections. It was also interesting for me to visit such event because my education was close to Startups and their activities (I had 2 internships in Startups and many projects with startups). Moreover, since 2014 I was thinking about opening my own business one day.

Startup Rekry: How Was It?

The first day of Startup Rekry was full of sessions and I participated in them non-stop. I found topics interesting, the speakers charismatic and the insights they gave were rather useful and practical. Those sessions were not just a possibility to get new information and learn something, but also meet speakers, understand them and their activities better. Each session was unique and I didn’t want to miss a thing. Luckily, I was with my friends, so if sessions were at the same time, we visited different ones and then exchange our findings and notes. I believe it was a smart move!

I can’t pick the most important learning, because there were so many of them. Looking back, I can outline some major things I have learned:

  • Everything you do in life is important and it can become a great opportunity if you can find a way to combine your knowledge, skills, and passion
  • Unique value proposition (UVP) is important for every job seeker and it’s not less important to know your UVP
  • Exercises (like mindmapping, vision board, and other) can help you to prepare better for the job applications, interviews, and own goals


Furthemore, the greatest things I learned are, how to make the most of online events, and that LinkedIn magic can bring your life to the next level!

The whole event happened on Deal Room Events platform. It was the first time I used it and I fell in love with it from the beginning. It was so easy and convenient to use, form personal agenda, watch sessions, participate in chats, and organize meetings with participants. All buttons worked, with no delays or distractions. High-level navigation is the cherry on the top! I got some ideas that could make this platform invincible among the competitors and I shared them with the platforms’ team in the feedback form. I hope they will find it useful and the platform will continue to thrive and grow.

During two event days, I met many interesting people, mainly startup representatives, and it was great. With some of the attendees, I had face-to-face e-meetings about possible internships. We had limited time to talk (about 15 minutes), but we had rather cozy and inspiring calls! Also, short calls afforded to talk with many different people which was also a big plus. Even though Startup Rekry event was sizable, it kept family-like atmosphere and gave a chance to talk face-to-face with almost everyone and to know each other better for a short time.

Power & Magic of LinkedIn

After the event, I thought about the tip which I heard many times from different speakers – the importance of LinkedIn. I added participants and speakers, sent some messages, and started to write posts about the event. Here, where the LinkedIn magic started, I got so many comments, supportive messages and expanded my possibilities to find a job. I got in touch with people from three different companies, I enjoy our communication, learn new things and get new chances! That’s amazing!


Startup Rekry helped me to become more confident in meeting people online. I got a remarkable experience, met inspiring people, found an advanced approach for job hunting and it is just the beginning of my new way. Startup Rekry 2021 changed my life. All paths that I am on now are trying to bring me to Tampere (between us, I even started to think of moving there :). I would like to thank the organizers who did it so great, that the only thing we all are now waiting for is a Startup Rekry 22!

You can read more about the Startup Rekry events here: internationaltampere.fi/startuprekry

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