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What an Employer Should Know About Permit Process and Registration?

Hiring an international employee is not harder than hiring a Finnish employee, but you have to officially sort out a few things. 

As an employer you cannot apply for a residence permit on behalf of an employee, but you can advise him/her as to which form to complete. There are several forms for employment-based residence applications. The application the employee should use depends on the employee’s responsibilities and the nature of the employment relationship.

If an employee of yours is applying for a residence permit in the e-service Enter Finland, you can submit information on the work in question and your company for the residence permit application and pay for the application on behalf of the employee. Create an account as an employer in the e-service Enter Finland. Click here to redirect to for Employers.

The official residence permit process is operated by the Finnish Migration Services MIGRI. However, we in International House Tampere are happy to offer our expertise in finding out the right answers. You may contact us via email at or phone +358 41 730 2769.

Please see the following list for more detailed information on permit and registration process.

You must ensure that the employee candidate has:

1) the right to work
2) the right to stay in Finland

Even if the foreign employee already lives in Finland, you must make sure that he/she is legally allowed to work in Finland. You can check this from the residence permit card, for example. You should note that the permit can be for a fixed term. Also, keep a record of foreign employees you have hired. See Employer’s obligations here.

An international student (who is not a citizen of an EU/EEA Member State) studying at a Finnish educational institution is allowed to work during studies to a limited extent, see additional information here.

A tax card can be applied from the Finnish Tax Administration.
(In addition to Local Register Offices, also the Tax Administration grants personal identity codes.)

More information on Permits and Practicalities: click here

Citizens of EU/EEA Member States do NOT require a separate residence permit.
The employee can start to work immediately upon arrival in Finland. Employee can stay and work freely in Finland for up to three months with a valid identity card or passport. Click here to redirect Migri, EU Citizen.

However, the employee needs to register the right of residence at the Finnish Immigration Service if he or she is staying in Finland for longer than three months. Read more here.

A tax card can be applied from the Finnish Tax Administration. (In addition to Local Register Offices, also the Tax Administration grants personal identity codes.)

More information on Permits and Practicalities: click here

The employee moving from outside the EU/EEA will need a residence permit granted by Finland.
There are separate residence permit applications for certain positions.

Before the recruitment decision, the company can organise an interview visit to Finland. The applicant must apply for a visa for this.

For specialist positions requiring special expertise and a higher education degree (salary over EUR 3,000/month) the permit to apply for is usually a residence permit for persons employed as a specialist.

When looking for an “ordinary employee” (not for specialist position), the Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office) first assesses that the employment relationship and pay are appropriate and whether labour is available for the position in Finland or the EU and EEA. A residence permit for an employed person is applied for from the Finnish Immigration Service.

Note! The employer cannot apply for a residence permit on behalf of the employee, but can supplement the application. The employee completes the application at or on a paper form.

In order to get a Finnish personal identity code, the employee goes to the local Local Register Office to register (must already have a residence permit and address in Finland).

More information on Permits and Practicalities: click here

Hiring an international university student who is an EU citizen:
As mentioned in the boxes above, the EU / EEA citizens and their family members have a right to work in Finland without restrictions. You can recruit a foreign student with an EU passport without restrictions. The individual right of residence must be registered officially. The individuals can also apply for a residence card for a family member.

Hiring an international university student, who is not an EU citizen:
A student who has been granted a residence permit for studies may engage in gainful employment without restrictions if the employment consists of practical training or diploma work as part of a degree. During terms when lessons are given, the student is allowed to do an average of 25 hours of part-time work per week.

The number of working hours is not restricted weekly, but the restriction concerns each term. In other words, students can work periodically according to the current situation. During holidays, that is, during summer and Christmas holidays, students can work full-time without hourly restrictions.

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