Tampere has a very high technological know-how and great innovation potential, thanks to our university and our strong ICT and manufacturing clusters. Therefore the city offers professional opportunities especially for ICT or other technical professionals. Recently, the number of new vacancies has increased in the category of service and sales workers as well.

Key occupations in the Tampere region

The Occupational Barometer is an estimate of the employment offices (TE Offices) for short-term outlook for key occupations and workforce. It estimates the demand and balance for workforce in next six months.  The occupational barometer is carried out twice a year.  

See the estimates Occupational Barometer of Tampere region


The importance of networking

Attend networking events in your industry and build bridges with experts on your field of expertise. Your professional networks can support you by helping you find connections in the industry you are trying to break into.

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Find Business Events

Business Tampere’s Event Calendar is meant for companies and talents alike. New business oriented events are posted almost daily, so we recommend you to pay attention closely. The calendar has a Finnish and English site, so we recommend you to follow both. If you have questions about certain events in the Event Calendar, you may find the organiser’s contact details from each event. Click here to find the Event Calendar in Finnish and in English.


Which industry sectors are strong in the Tampere region, in Finland?

The newly launched Tampere Business Explorer helps companies interested in Tampere as a business location to research and analyze economic and demographic data about the city region. Newly launched online portal offers a comprehensive set of economical data and business insights on Tampere Region, Finland.

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