Onboard a New Hire

How to Support International Employees and Their Families in Integrating to Tampere?

Once you have recruited the best talent, pay attention to engaging and retaining your new hires. Successful onboarding can create huge value for both company and employee, by increasing work performance and building positive work relationships.

Take time to create an induction program and structured onboarding experience that will strongly influence an employee’s decision to stay with a company. Do not forget spousal and family issues when integrating an international hire!

International Tampere provides tools and services that support your employees and their families in relocating and integrating to Tampere. Guidance is offered to help internationals to establish themselves in the region, in both their professional and private lives.

 Do not hesitate to contact us via email international@tampere.fi or phone (+358) 41 730 2769.

Initial guidance for finding a flatopening a bank accountobtaining a SIM card for the phone and insurance policies is often necessary. Find out about pre-school and basic education in a foreign language (or bilingual options) in the area if the family has children in pre-school and school age.  Education of multilingual pupils in Tampere: tampere.fi/multilingual-pupils 

Those moving to Finland for a longer period should also visit Kela, (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland) to find out about Finnish social security: kela.fi 

You can also make use of companies that offer relocation services. Find private sector service providers on Business Finland website.

The employee and their family members are entitled to a free preliminary assessment that introduces integration-promoting services. Contact the City of Tampere, Multilingual info Mainio for more information: internationaltampere.fi/mainioThey also offer support for everyday matters in 16 languages. 

Relocating is always a major stress factorThe first six months in a new role typically influences whether a recruit stays for the long term. Therefore, induction and early support are crucial. 

The work community’s preparation for the arrival of the new employee makes it smoother for the employee to get started in a new country. It also reduces the employer’s workload.

Well-managed induction training supports international employees to adjust to their new roles and working environments. Effective mentoringprofessional support and a supportive learning environment should be offered to new staff. 

Matters relating to the Finnish working culture should be taken into account in addition to occupational health caresick leaves and holiday practices 

Learning Finnish improves job satisfaction and integration. Some employers organise Finnish language lessons for their employeesYou can also choose a “language mentor” for the new employee from among the work community 

You can also make use of companies that offer coaching for international work communities and managing workplace diversity.

Integration of the spouse and family has effects on the employee’s job satisfactionSupport the whole family in starting a new life and building a social network. 

With “spouse programmes” (such as the Hidden Gems programme internationaltampere.fi/hidden-gems), the employee’s spouse is able to integrate faster into Finnish society. 

TE Office Integration services for immigrants support the spouse’s integration through language training, for example. 

Make use of immigrants’ own networks in Finland. There are groups for people with an immigrant background on social media, for examplethat may offer support for integration. 

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