2/12/2021 | Written by Adéla Nováková 

My First Summer in Tampere and its International House

The best part of last summer? My internship in International House Tampere full of hands-on experience and wonderful colleagues in my team!

I got a chance to spend my summer working in International House Tampere as an intern. This amazing opportunity allowed me to gain knowledge for my master thesis research topic, as well as get working experience in a Finnish environment.

Internship as a first step into the Finnish labour market for international students

I see internship as a great way to experience Finnish working atmosphere and raising the chances for international talents in getting a full-time job in Finland after their graduation. Showing the experience with local working culture might encourage other employers to recruit internationals. I would also like to highlight the opportunities in public sector and encourage my peer students for exploring those as well. As said in my previous article, opportunities are to be discovered!

Financial allowance from Tampere University as an efficient tool for supporting paid internship placements

Gaining an internship grant from Tampere university helped me in getting the job. The financial grants for student internships provided by Tampere University are a great opportunity to lower the costs of employment for companies without any unnecessary paperwork. I applied for my grant through an easy online form for which I needed an approval from my university supervisor and a contact person from the employer.  This means that the students can easily arrange it by themselves.

The best part of my internship has been the hands-on experience.

Undoubtedly, the best part of my internship has been the hands-on experience and gaining deeper knowledge right from the core of my research field. As a communication intern I was working on a communication campaign and content creation to raise the awareness of international talent employment and retention in Pirkanmaa area.

Warm KIITOS to the encouraging and supportive team I had around me.

My working experience in International House Tampere massively overcame any of my expectations thanks to a wonderful and supportive team around me. Now it is the time to thank everyone I got the pleasure to meet during this time for making my first summer in Tampere so exciting, challenging, and joyful. Kiitos!

The writer Adéla Nováková worked as International House Tampere communications intern. The International House Tampere is a Single Service Point for supporting Internationals with living, working, studying and connecting with Local Employers.

International House Tampere
Service hours: Monday-Friday 9.00–16.00

Email international@tampere.fi
Tel. +358 41 730 2769
Rautatienkatu 10, 33100 Tampere

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