Mix & match networking event

For Early Stage Startup Teams or Ideas and Entrepreneurial Talents


Date: 26.5.2021
Time: 15.45 - 18.00

For anyone interested in startup entrepreneurship – whether it’s joining or creating a startup team. An opportunity to network, get inspired, learn and discuss about the Health Tech.

The event is in English and FREE of charge for all participants!

*You will receive all the relevant information about the event regarding its agenda, speakers and online platform via the email you sign-up. Please, check your spam.


Heikki Hauskaviita
The Co-founder & CEO of Memocate Ltd, a spin-off startup from the University of Helsinki.

In his presentation, Heikki tells the story of founding his company and how they ended up pivoting from offering interaction training to dementia caregivers to measuring care interaction with wearable sensors.


The Mix & Match networking event is a great place for early stage innovative ideas or startup teams to find a core team member or a co-founder, or anyone to offer their skills and experience to develop innovative business cases to the next level.

Mix & Match networking events connects people with:

– innovative startup ideas 
– an early-stage startup team
– entrepreneurial ambitions and 
– interest in innovative businesses.

Mix & Match is for you, if you wish to make an impact, connect with like-minded people from various educational backgrounds and gather around a specific field or industry each time. We provide you the means to develop your idea into an actual business.  

Mix & Match event is full of innovative and creative minds from diverse backgrounds. Join us to find your dream team and join forces to solve even the most demanding challenges of our society. With the support of coaches, mentors and diverse services from our partners, you can build the next big thing!

Take the First Step to Your Startup Journey!

  1. Join us to hear and learn what you can do to develop your ideas
  2. Get inspired by speakers
  3. Pitch your idea or skills, and get feedback and support
  4. Get to know others who can help you, make connections and ACT!

Discover the Startup World

Learn what players and services are existing in Tampere to help you further.

Get Inspired by Expert Speakers

Startup founders, seasoned entrepreneurs, field experts.

Learn from Coaches to Develop Your Startup or Idea

Accelerator coaches, business coaches and mentors are ready to help you.

Make Connections and Move to The Next Level

Meet your potential co-founders and other skilled people who can help you to reach your dreams.


Idea Clinic – Coaches

Teemu Pinomaki - Just Coaching

Business coaching, Business model, Team coaching, Team building

Tommi Uitti - Business Tampere

Business coaching, Mentoring, Funding

Mirza Sagdati - Red Brick Accelerator

Accelerator Program, Business coaching, Idea development, Validation, Pitching

Kagan Özkan - City of Tampere

Startup Permit, Business coaching, Business model,
Validation, Networking, Startup jobs search

Startup Kit

Are you interested in setting up your own business, starting up?
In case you answered yes - our local Startup Kit is the right answer for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Because we would like to allocate our resources to better serve our attendees by increasing the quality of the event and the chance to find most relevant contacts.

Due to Covid-19 epidemic, Mix&Match is completely moving online as it was in spring and we aim to provide hybrid experiences in the future when the situation is better. This autumn, we will have also some expert coaches in the event that can give you one-to-one advice directly either on your startup/idea or career. We call this extra modules as Idea Clinic and Career Clinic. In addition, we aim to bring more quality to the events by bringing more startups with potential jobs.

The event is completely free. Filling out the sign-up forms is the only prerequisite!

Unfortunately, it is not possible during the autumn. Due to both Covid-19 pandemic and currently hosting the event online, we need to know the number of participants to ensure the best possible experience for everyone. We will share the event link only via email to registered attendees due to security of our event.

You can still sign-up early and you can decide when it’s closer to the event. If you cannot make it to the event, please remember to cancel it by following the instructions in your email.

Yes, we aim to limit the number of participants to 50-60 due to event space and facilitation restrictions. We have a waiting list and you can sign up and get informed about your registration. 

Mix&Match is mainly organized for the purpose of bringing relevant people together to network however it is not only for networking. By joining this event, you can also

  • get informed about Tampere Startup Ecosystem, the startups and organizations working in the field,
  • get inspired by the startups and speakers
  • get to learn practical tips from expert coaches to move forward with your idea or job hunting
  • get activated to take things to the next level! 

Businesses are run with people and meeting people helps you reach new dimensions not only in your career but also life. Especially in Finland, networking plays a magical role in opening doors for you to find

  • hidden jobs that are not advertised but shared through friends and networks
  • team members
  • sales leads
  • new business opportunities
  • and more…

You can definitely join only to listen to speakers and meet only coaches, there is no one forcing you to network. 

It is not mandatory to be prepared but it is always helpful if you are prepared, especially if you want to get results and find potential matches or help to move forward. You will also receive an email and easy instructions during the event to help you get the most out of the event. Simply, you can check NABC method or think what you are offering and seeking and prepare your short introduction as follows:

“I’m … expert, experience in … field and xxx companies,

I have an idea on … I’m looking for help with …  I can help with …

I’m interested in ideas/jobs in … I can help with … “

If you have an idea/startup, it would be great if you have some preparation with some presentation material to clearly communicate your business idea to others.

If you are attending to offer your skills or looking for a job, it would be also great to prepare to present yourself clearly to other and possibly with your past work examples. Also, you can bring CVs/Portfolios alike to spread to potential employers.

Co-founder is the term used for people with whom you are sharing the ownership of the company you are founding. Although there are some startups with only one founder, it is often difficult to have the resources to hire experts or build a startup alone. Also, investors often analyze teams and co-founders carefully when investing in startups. Eventually, it is not about the ideas itself but making ideas happen. The most important is to find a team around your idea to execute.

Yes, there are usually startups joining the event to share their experiences with the audience as well as to network with entrepreneurial and innovative people that could help their business in the future. We aim to bring more startups with open positions to the event. However, it does not mean that startups might not have current open positions but they may have hidden jobs that you need to discover or they may open positions in the near future since they are constantly growing or raising funds. Thus, it is always good to approach startups and offer your skills to help their business.

  • IDEAS People with innovative business ideas

If you are saying also one the following: 

I’m not really an extrovert and networking person, how will you help me?

I’m not really aware of/interested in startups or entrepreneurship but I would like to discover and learn more, is this a good place to start?

I’m not a Tech/IT or business person and startups are only for those tech and business people, isn’t it?

  1. I don’t have a business idea but I’m interested in entrepreneurship, can I still join?

Of course! Mix&Match aims to bring entrepreneurial people together to learn from experienced startups, expert coaches or each other attendee and brainstorm innovative ideas together to solve certain problems. While you can just join an existing idea, you can also learn to find and brainstorm new ideas with people during the event. Also, these contacts might be useful when you are starting your entrepreneurial journey in the future.

  1. Is this event just for students/international talents/startups/entrepreneurs/freelancers/jobseekers/IT-Tech-Business people?

-This event is open to everyone, regardless of your background!

  1. I don’t really have any specific skills, can I still join?


-Yes! There’s no limit to how much you can learn when you have a team that supports you. It might be even more important to have good team dynamics than specific skills when running a business.

  1. I’m not really ready to join a startup/idea now but would like to attend the event anyway, is that possible?

Definitely, you can still attend the event and meet new people. You can find useful contacts that could help you later when you’re ready to start your entrepreneurial journey!

  • Co-founder (owning and founding a business together)
  • Recruitment of talents for Internship or Traineeship or Employee
  • Freelance – consultant – to find Customers or partners to work with

Networking is not an imm

-That’s fine, just get the most out of the networking! Maybe a new friend you make might lead to something in the future.

This event is organized in collaboration with International House Tampere, Business Tampere, Tribe Tampere, Red Brick Accelerator, NewCo Helsinki, Terkko Health Hub, Health Incubator Helsinki and Health Hub Tampere.


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