23/3/2021 | Author: Bloom Tampere

Launch of Bloom Tampere

A veil of snow covers the city placed on the banks of the two lakes — Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi. Factories used to revolve around these lakes and put the foundation of a city that is now the most populous inland country of the Nordic countries — and the second largest area in Finland. Tampere. Tammerfors. Tamperelainen. Tammerforsare. The demonyms of the city that has become home for a new industry — the R&D, tech and startup industry.

Tampere has a good reputation among Finns — people are considered friendly and the city has been rated most popular before. It may have something to do with having the most public saunas in the world — being the Sauna Capital. Perhaps it is through the sauna that friendships are made?

Culture plays a big role in this city — whether you are into music, sports, theatre or food, you can get all of it in Tampere! The city attracts people from all over Finland to settle down for work or for studies. The same goes for internationals who venture to this land in the great North where the sun hibernates in the winter, but makes a slightly longer appearance in the summer.

Photo: Laura Vanzo / Visit Tampere

COVID-19, along this veil of snow mixed with slush, keeps the city hibernating here in March. But underneath the veil, something is blooming. The two lakes, the old industrial buildings, Näsinneula, Pyynikki observation tower, Särkänniemi, the forests; these are all props setting the scene for the vibrant city we know. But it is we, the people, who are making it what it is. It is we, the people, who create meaningful businesses, who satisfies our desire to learn by getting an education, it is we who enter a symbiosis with the surrounding nature. It is we who make Tampere what it is.

Once the veil of snow retracts from the surface, we want to build the link between those who are native to Tampere and Finland and those who came here and settled for its Finnish charm. We are building a space to grow, a place to exchange, a place to empower — a place to build the future of Tampere.

It is a space to learn, a space to breathe, a space to laugh, a place to work, a place to overcome challenges, a place to relax. We want to gather each Tamperelainen in the heart of the city and pump the valuable contributions they bring out to each corner of the city — because only by working together and learning from each other, the city can live and thrive.

Bloom is supported by City of Tampere and an initiative of one of the Tampere Talent Ambassadors, Kelly Keodara. Opening on March 30, 2021, in Kehräsaari right next to the powerful rapids of Tammerkoski, Bloom Tampere will be the bridge for internationals and locals.

More information on how to become a member at www.bloomtogether.fi

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