Key Industries

Top Fields of Expertise and Skill Shortages

Tampere region is one of the fastest growing city regions in Finland with a high level of expertise. The region is home to a number of key industries.

Tampere region offers working opportunities in many successful, internationally respected companies. Companies such as Nokia, Metso, Valmet, UPM and Framery are some of the globally known companies employing thousands in the Tampere region. There are also an amazing number of promising and rapidly growing start-ups within Cleantech, Nanotechnology, Life Sciences and ICT.

Discover attractive job opportunities in the Tampere region’s key industries and areas of employment!

ICT, intelligent machines and manufacturing industries have exceptionally wide and varied business base in the region. University-industry collaboration as well as co-operation between the industries plays a big role in the development of the industrial internet and forming the Tampere region the center of intelligent machines.

Tampere region is getting greener and smarter with cleantech. New solutions in cleantech are driven by wide company base, modern innovation platforms and university-industry collaboration. The city invests in the future, and there are several major projects underway in smart and sustainable construction, mobility and logistics.

Tampere is globally important location for R&D&I combining medicine, biology and technology, hosting over 500 life science researchers. Theatre and culture, combined with our cutting-edge high technology and innovativeness, form the base for flourishing creative businesses in the region.

Tampere Region’s Top Fields of Expertise:

  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Intelligent Machines
  • ICT
  • Life Science
  • Creative Industries
  • Cleantech and Energy
  • Nanotechnology


More information on Business Tampere website:
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Main Business Ecosystems in the Tampere Region:

Which industry sectors are strong in the Tampere region? How many ICT companies are there?

Search these databases and sites for company related data in Tampere, Finland.

Invest in Tampere online portal offers a comprehensive set of economical and demografical data and business insights on Tampere Region.
Learn more.

Tampere Region Growth visualizes data about companies identified to be aimed at growth or internationalization in Tampere region. Check out the timely snapshot about the growth oriented companies and business ecosystems.

Yritystieto (Company Information service) of Business Tampere provides data about companies in the region. Site in Finnish only.

Find out estimated demand for workforce in key occupations in the near future in Finland and its regions. The Occupational Barometer is an estimate of the employment offices (TE Offices) for short-term outlook for key occupations and workforce. It estimates the demand and balance for workforce in next six months. The occupational barometer is carried out twice a year. 

See the estimates of Occupational Barometer of Tampere region

Despite the current economic crise and its effects on the labour market, Tampere region will need more skilled professionals in the long run.
Companies in Tampere are looking for talents to join the development of various business ecosystems. According to future predictions, sectors facing skill shortages in the Tampere region are among:

  • IT, ICT and Gaming (software engineering, AI, robotics etc.)
  • Manufacturing Industries (engineering, technical sales etc.)
  • Life Sciences and Medical Technology (biomedical engineering, regenerative medicine etc.)
  • Health Sector (medical practitioners, health ICT etc.)
  • Construction/Infrastructure (engineering, construction work etc.)


In addition, the growing service sector will be having a shortage of workforce (in domestic cleaning, home-based personal care work, restaurants and hospitality sector).

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