23/6/2021 | Author: Tampere Talent Ambassadors

“Just go for it.”

Stora Enso’s Intelligent Packaging business unit recently launched their latest innovation – Selfly Store which is a RFID-enabled e-kiosks designed for on-the-go purchasing. This innovation is fascinating, and so is the story of the team that has developed it. “Our software team in Tampere, consisting of 12 people, is actually very international,” shares Janne Jämsä who is Intelligent Packaging business unit’s Senior Product Manager responsible for Selfly Store solution. 

Janne credits his business unit’s strategy to hire the core team locally in Tampere for the international nature of his team. He continues, “As we looked to hire for our core team, international talents stood out among the applicants. From 2018 to 2020, I recruited and participated in recruitment for 11 positions, and 8 out of those were filled by internationals coming from Russia, Turkey, Iraq, China, and Nepal.” Janne recounts hiring talents in different stages of life ranging from students close to graduation, to graduates and highly seasoned experts. 

As a hiring manager, Janne claims his approach to hiring remains simple. “Both Finnish talents and international talents go through the same standard hiring processes. Besides skills, I look forward to knowing the person better, his/her motivations, and his/her feasibility to the team. With hiring Finnish and international talents, the only difference I noticed is when an international talent is hired, we advise to apply for a work permit.” In his opinion, integration to the company and to Tampere has been easy as the talents have enough experience of living in Finland already as students.

Regarding good attributes of an application, Janne believes the facts in a CV need to be supported by clarity of an application letter. He argues that an applicant should be able to clearly express his/her motivation to join the position and the company. “Generic applications and typos are easy to spot. Moreover, re-using one application for many jobs shows that the applicant is not putting necessary time and heart into it,” feels Janne. During his hiring tenure, Janne claims that he often received best applications from international talents.

For fellow hiring managers in Tampere, Janne recommends to ‘just go for it’ when it comes to hiring an international talent to their team or company. He urges, “First, hiring managers need to know where (LinkedIn, Aarresaari,..) to look for the talents. Second, just go for the best talents. Both international and Finnish talents have brought diversity, a pool of ambition and motivation, and most importantly, different perspectives that are useful in developing innovative solutions for our team.”

Janne, who is originally from the Southern part of Finland, initially came to study in Tampere, and later decided to settle down. Now he has helped international talents to follow his footsteps. With more hiring managers like Janne, Tampere can safely rely on international talents being able to find work, and call Tampere their home.

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland has participated in the financing of the project. The project contributes to the goals of the national Talent Boost programme.

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