4/11/2021 | Written by Adéla Nováková 

International House Tampere Drives Internationalisation Forward

Business coordinator Jani Tamminen from International House Tampere talks about his mission to help local companies on their journey in finding suitable international talents and making international recruitments. 

International House Tampere is here to support local employers in their recruiting of international talents both locally and abroad. We aim to be the ones whom you can contact and get help with your questions in recruiting internationalsWhetheyou need information about financial supporthow to find an expert, help with work permit issues or advice on integration of the employee. We are compiling these services and information in one place to make the process smooth, so the employer would receive relevant information and advice faster. 

We help you with the first steps toward international recruitment

The goal of International House Tampere is to make the services and information for international recruitments visible, more familiar, and straight forward. There is a lot of effort being made currently in developing different services aimed at companies in tackling these issues, whether you are recruiting internationals locally or from abroad, or you need to educate your staff, provide language trainings, or help with the integration of your employeeAll of the stages of the recruitment process are being taken into account and developed.  

Our service is individual and based on company’s needs  

As Jani explains, the support provided in International House Tampere is highly individual, based on the company’s current needs. “The needs that the companies have, and I have come across are so widely apart. I never know where I end up calling when I am solving a ‘mystery’ and the client’s case.” International House Tampere is able to flexibly help and support any local company on their international journey.  

“Being seen and being heard – that is how you make the change.” 

Jani highlights, the need of a company must come first. “If a company has troubles with finding a highly skilled worker and did not receive enough applications to find a suitable match, we offer them help with exploring all the options available that suit the employer. It often happens that it does not even come to their mind to have a look at international job seekers in or outside of Finland.” To broad up the services and raise the awareness of available highly skilled job seekers, International House Tampere maintains Talent CV Gallery, a free online platform, where employers can search for suitable workers among internationals already residing in Tampere.  

International Tampere serves at Rautatienkatu 10 

International House Tampere has finally opened its premises and is ready to welcome visitors. “I was personally looking forward to the day we officially opened, also physically. International House Tampere is located at Rautatienkatu 10, 33100 Tampere. It is not anymore just an idea, a web page, or a LinkedIn group. It is now an actual place that welcomes you to use our services and drives things forward. Welcome to International House Tampere.” 

International House Tampere
Service hours: Monday-Friday 9.00–16.00

Email international@tampere.fi
Tel. +358 41 730 2769
Rautatienkatu 10, 33100 Tampere

Take a look at the International House Tampere Employer Services video below.

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