Initial Consulting for Startups Intending to Move to Tampere

If you are planning to establish your startup or relocate your existing startup into Tampere.Finland, we are here to help you and guide you in what Tampere has to offer! International House Tampere offers an initial consultation service to support international startup entrepreneurs moving from abroad.

Please fill out the from below to provide us some information about your case so we can help you the best with the needed information.

Upon filling out the form, we will be in touch with you to either

  • provide the necessary information via email
  • direct and link you to the relevant people or sources of information
  • book an online meeting if necessary to go through your case further in depth


Until we get back to you, please also familiarize yourself with Tampere Startup Kit to find answers to your common questions.

Startup Kit

Are you interested in setting up your own business, starting up? In case you answered yes - our local Startup Kit is the right answer for you!

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