Your Integration into Finnish society

Initial Assessment for International Students

Are You Considering Settling in Finland and You Possibly Have Some Questions?

  • Are there places or services that can help me with my integration in Finland?
  • Can I continue to stay in Finland even after my graduation? If yes, how?
  • What services are available for my family members for integration?
  • How can I or my family member become ready for the Finnish labor market?

The best way to find answers to these questions and more is to have an initial assessment done by an integration advisor. If you have not previously participated in initial mapping, this will definitely be a stepping-stone. During the assessment, we help you identify any possible needs, be it, language trainings, employment services, startup networks & events, hobbies or other integration aspects. Expert advisors will then help with planning your integration and help you connect to the services that you may need. With your permission, the results of the initial assessment can also be shared with those relevant services.

Multilingual Info Mainio offers Initial Assessments and advisory services to international students in Tampere who have lived in Finland for less than 3 years. The service is completely free of charge.

To get your free initial assessment, please enter your details below. One of our expert advisors will contact you as soon as possible!

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