29/4/2021 | Author: Juha Tuominen, Jussi Okkonen and Päivi Hämäläinen

ICT4N – Finding Solutions for the ICT Industry Needs

ICT4N project is building a solution model for matching skills and employment needs. Within the Tampere Universities (TAMK and TAU), we have had a first implementation carried out, in which in-service training for foreign language ICT experts in the Pirkanmaa region has been built following employment needs and the ability to demonstrate competence in real business needs. Companies operating in the area have had the opportunity to solve the problem of meeting their ICT skills needs with a new form of business-university cooperation.

The need for the ICT sector and expertise is evolving rapidly and requires companies to renew the skills of their existing workforce or to acquire new ones by recruiting. ICT4N has proven to be a fast, efficient, and high-quality training model in addressing this challenge.

The operating model is simple: combining current skills, skills needs and training provision. An essential part of the project is harnessing HeadAI’s Microcompetencies service to guide competence development choices.

Photo: Jonne Renvall Tampereen yliopisto / Tampere University

In the operating model, the algorithm is given labor market demand information for comparison, which is compared with supply. If demand and supply do not meet, a solution to the perceived competence gap will be sought from the Tampere Universities’ wide range of courses. All individual learning throughout courses and training is supported by personal coaches and mentors.  The artificial intelligence-assisted approach has proven to be successful because it can also be used to find information that is taken for granted and find interesting potential knowledge paths.

The next implementation will begin in August 2021 and the application for participants is now open until the end of July. This is a great possibility to update your ICT skills as an ICT professional. There is also room for more companies: if you want to be part of developing a new kind of learning model and need support in finding a suitable workforce, ICT4N is made to answer your needs.

Both employees and employers struggled with the same problem, i.e. what kind of skills should be invested in. For the employee (or current student), this is a decision on course choices to achieve the best possible labor market position. For employers, the flip side of the same dilemma is how to develop organizational skills appropriately. Regardless of the perspective, methods for anticipating and developing skills needed to be further explored to achieve significant market advantage.

More information:

Juha Tuominen
Project Manager

Project’s website: projects.tuni.fi/ict4n-en

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