Hidden Gems

Have You Followed Your Beloved One to Finland?

The Hidden Gems activities for international spouses are open to partners of international employees at Tampere universities and to partners of employees at private companies in Tampere region. The activities aims at facilitating the employment and full integration of the spouses into the Finnish society. By co-operating with the local ecosystem, the Hidden Gems engages companies in reflecting on internationalisation and its benefits and enables them to tap into the “hidden expertise” of international talents! To discuss possibilities to join the activities as a private company spouse, please contact the Hidden Gems team.

Tampere Universities provide an extensive set of relocation services to connect, discover and reach individuals’ full potential in the Finnish society.

In today’s competitive world companies need to seek for talents from abroad to answer the bourgeoning foreign operations and increasing innovation shortage.  Talents are often attracted to conduct international assignment and 80 percent of today’s expatriates relocate with their families. When relocating, spouses are often falling under the radar or organisational support, while they genuinely need the most psychological and career care. The successful adjustment of newcomers largely depends on their ability to integrate into the new system. Tampere universities wish to maximise the opportunities for personal and professional growth by improving language skills, building a social network, establishing a social identity as well as providing a set of cultural knowledge as an essential foundation for the spouse’s integration and career development. Hidden Gems promotes the utilisation of immigrant professionals’ expertise and human capital to meet the needs of industry and business, so that the participants find employment that corresponds to their qualifications and ensures them fair compensation.

The Hidden Gems team ensures that the spouses can build a social network, improve language skills and establish a social identity in Finland as a key for talent attraction and retention within Tampere region. By participating in several activities related to networking, mentoring and professional development, we wish to equip the spouses to become the actors of their own success in Finland.

Discover the Unique Hidden Gems Activities

Provide a safe environment for the participants to build and cultivate a set of social and professional connections in Finland. The aim is to activate the participants in increasing diverse social networks as a valuable source of peer support, professional contacts and information on job leads.

Encourage the participants to reflect on their career path options and identify their strengths, skills and abilities as well as define a set of goals in Finland. The aim is to strengthen the participants’ self-esteem and turn their expertise into an asset for the Finnish labour market.

Professional development:
Familiarise the participants with options in Finland and new ways to flourish in the Finnish society as well as provide insights on job search and its components. The aim is to establish links between “self” and the Finnish labour market.


Please, address all enquiries/questions to hiddengems@tuni.fi

HR Services, Tampere University

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