Make Use of Financial Assistance

Subsidies for Recruitment and Onboarding

Employers may receive financial assistance for recruitment and onboarding costs in certain situations. European Union, government or community subsidy can be a valuable tool for assisting job-seekers into work, but it can also help employers build their business.

Learn more about financial assistance below.

Hiring from Finland or Abroad: Talent Explorer Funding

The Talent Explore funding (funded by Business Finland) is intended for companies that are seeking new export markets by hiring an expert. The maximum amount of funding is 20 000 euros and may cover up to 50% of the experts’s employment costs for the first 6 to 12 months.

Hiring from Another EU Country: Your First EURES Job Subsidy

Financial support facilitates the recruitment of young professionals from another EU country. The employee must be aged 18 to 35 years. Financial support may be granted to the employer to cover some of the costs of induction training and integration to the new country. The amount of support is about 810 – 2 000 euros/employee.

Hiring from Finland: Pay Subsidy

TE Office (Public Employment Services) may subsidise an employer who hires an unemployed job-seeker. The pay subsidy covers up to 30–50% of the pay costs of the new employee, depending on the duration of their unemployment. The subsidy is available for open-ended or fixed-term employment and for apprenticeship training.

Hiring from Tampere: City of Tampere Recruitment Allowance

The City of Tampere supports the recruitment of Tampere based unemployed job-seekers (see the eligibility criteria). The benefit (600 euros for 6 months) is targeted at covering various expenses resulting from the recruitment process, i.e. workspace expenses, work uniform costs, induction training, but not for salaries. Find more information in Finnish: Tampereen kaupungin rekrytointilisä.

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