Start establishing your company by applying for financial support and registering your business. Then you can continue with basics by opening a corporate bank account and finding a workspace.

Apply for Finnish Startup Grant – Startti-raha 

As you are about to become an entrepreneur in Finland, you may be eligible for Finnish Startup Grant – financial support provided by the Finnish government. Startup Grant is meant to support your income for ambitious entrepreneurs during the first months it takes to establish your business. 

Check your eligibility for Finnish Startup Grant by contacting TE Office. Note! that it is important to apply for Finnish Startup Grant before registering your company. After a favorable decision, you will start receiving the money after the company registration is completed. Click here to redirect to TE services for more information: Startup Grant

Register Your Business

All businesses in Finland must enroll in the Finnish Trade Register. This registration is subject to a charge. Before submitting your registration application, remember to check from the National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland that your trade name is free.

Notice that every company is required to have at least one board member who is a resident of the European Economic Area.

All entrepreneurs in Finland are liable to pay taxes once their company is established. For this reason, your business must also be registered for VAT at Finnish Tax Administration. This registration is free of charge.

For more information please check: 

Find a Workspace

There are lots of nice workspaces around Tampere. Here are couple of suggestions for you to check out:

Platform6 Startup House
Crazy Town
Innovation Home Tampere

Manage Your Finances

After you have started the process to establish your company, you’ll need a corporate bank account. To open a corporate bank account, you are typically required to present an extract from the trade register and your personal ID. Note! There are differences between bank requirements and their processing times with new international clients. This is why you should confirm all the required documents prior to your meeting at the bank.

Banks to Consider:
Danske Bank 

After you have opened your corporate bank account, you can finish the company registration process with PRH.

Accounting Services
All businesses have a legal obligation to keep accounts in Finland. In other words, as an entrepreneur, you will need to take care of your bookkeeping. Since you likely wish to focus as much of your attention as possible on building and developing your business, it can be worthwhile that you consider outsourcing your bookkeeping to an accounting service provider. 

Notice that auditing is mandatory in Finland. Ask for tips from your accountant – they are happy to help you.

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