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Succeed in International Recruitment

Hiring the first international specialists is often a major step for a business. Hiring an international employee is not, however, too much harder than hiring a Finnish employee. With good planning and implementation, it is possible to find an employee who, in addition to their skills, provides the business with a fresh perspective, valuable contacts and a completely new kind of competitiveness. In this guide, we bring up the key things that should be taken into account when hiring an international employee.

International House Tampere assists companies in international recruitment, whether you are hiring from the local talent pool or abroad.
We offer our assistance in attraction, recruitment and integration of international talent. Company representative or employer – contact us or leave your contact details below and we can discuss your needs more in detail. Service is free of charge!

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Find an International Employee

Where and How to Market a Job Opening?

The mobility of labour has increased as specialists are found abroad in many sectors. On the other hand, many businesses start their internationalisation “from home”, using the talent pool already located in the region. See our tips for finding an international employee either locally or globally.

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Apply for Residence Permit

What an Employer Should Know About Permit Process and Registration?

Hiring an international employee is not harder than hiring a Finnish employee, but you have to officially sort out a few things. As an employer you cannot apply for a residence permit on behalf of an employee, but you can advise him/her as to which form to complete. There are several forms for employment-based residence applications.

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Make Use of Financial Assistance

Subsidies for Recruitment and Onboarding

Employers may receive financial assistance for recruitment and onboarding costs in certain situations. European Union, government or community subsidy can be a valuable tool for assisting job-seekers into work, but it can also help employers build their business.

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Onboard a New Hire

How to Support International Employees and Their Families Feel at Home in Tampere?

Once you have recruited the best talent, pay attention to engaging and retaining your new hires. Successful onboarding can create huge value for both company and employee, by increasing work performance and building positive work relationships.

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