Culture and Leisure

Tampere provides cultural and leisure activities around the year. Libraries, cultural events, playgrounds, sports facilities and public saunas bring people together and allow encounters. Public spaces in the city are open to all.

We encourage all international newcomers to be part of activities and events and enhance cultural exchange among Tampere residents. Participating in cultural activities you become attached into Finnish society and integrate into your local community.

Below you will find information on diverse events, cultural experiences, museums and sports and exercise facilities.

See more information on City of Tampere website and Visit Tampere website.
Visit also InfoFinland website to learn more about leisure activities in Finland.

Tampere City Libraries are meeting points and cultural centres for everone. In the libraries you can use computers and the free internet, read books, papers and journals, listen to the music, play board games and study or work in peace. The library provides also varied events for adults and children.

At the information service you can get professional assistance and advisory concerning information retrieval. You can also be served in English.

For borrowing you need to be registered as a customer and have a library card. Visiting a library, borrowing books and using computers with an Internet connection is free of charge.

The name of the main library is Metso. Tampere has also several district libraries and stops for itinerary library buses.

In a library, you can also find material for Finnish language studies and magazines from various parts of the world. The collection of Tampere City Library contains material in over 100 languages.

In addition, Tampere City Library borrows interlibrary collections from the Multilingual Library. Multilingual Library offers literature, music recordings, movies, magazines, audiobooks and e-books to all foreign language speakers living in Finland in their native language. Customers can borrow materials from Multilingual Library via their local library. Use of the Multilingual Library is free of charge.

Read more about Tampere City Library.
Tampere is a part of the large PIKI library system, which consists of 22 other public libraries in the surrounding area.

Library Guide for Immigrants

Finns are very active when it comes to sports, so related hobbies can help you to meet new people and gain friends.

Discover sports parks, beaches, rowing lines, bowling halls, indoor swimming pools, outdoor gyms and much more in Tampere. In the winter you can enjoy winter sport facilities, such as skating and skiing tracks and winter swimming places.

Many of the sports facilities are owned by the municipality. There are also numerous privately-owned sports facilities.

The sports facilities of the city are designed to be used by all city residents. The outdoor sports facilities like outdoor recreation areas and beaches are open to everyone. However, the hours for practice in the indoor facilities and athletics fields are mainly divided among clubs, groups and associations.

The city organises also instructed sports activities especially aimed at immigrants, such as women-only groups or introduction to various types of sports.

There are about 30 public swimming beaches in Tampere. The beaches are maintained by the city and most of them also have a beach volleyball court. The use of the courts is free of charge and do not need to be reserved beforehand. See here a wide list of the swimming beaches in Tampere.

There are also lodges, rambling routes and other recreation sites for the inhabitants of the city.

Every resident of the city has a right to fish in the water areas owned by the city, but you need to have a certificate for paying the fishing licence. More information on fishing and crabbing and the required licences can be found   here  (in Finnish). Read more about fishing in Finland here.

More information about sports and outdoor actitivies, please visit websites of the City of Tampere and Visit Tampere.

Are you interested in the story of Moomins, Lenin or the past factory workers of the Finlayson cotton mill? Or maybe you love modern art of sculpture parks? Tampere has museums and exhibitions to cater for every taste. The city has some museums to experience free of charge.

Or maybe you are interested in theather, sports, music or Finnish sauna culture? Tampere has declared itself the theather capital as well as a sauna capital. The city is also among the top groups for sports events and gig statistics.

Children can find their inner artist, present their work and participate in different fun events and workshops in Children’s Cultural Centre Rulla.

Culture House Laikku in the heart of Tampere is dedicated for arts, events and social encounters. You may also rent the facilities for an affordable price and arrange your own event.

Discover Tampere’s interesting museums and various cultural events and other cultural offerings on City of Tampere website.

Read more about events and cultural activities on Visit Tampere website.

Tampere – The Sauna Capital of the World – welcomes everybody to its cosy warmth! We have over 30 public saunas in the region for anyone to relax in, throughout the year. We indulge in particular those who love hot steam and ice-cold water, as our region offers the most numerous possibilities in Finland to enjoy this addictive combination.

Us Tampereans are known for our authenticity and warmth. The same goes for our sauna culture. In sauna we all are equal – and we have public saunas for every taste.

In Tampere, the only problem for sauna enthusiasts is picking one’s favourite public sauna, as there are so many options. You can choose the soft heat of the oldest public sauna in Finland, Rajaportti sauna, or the atmospheric warmth of the Tampere’s newest public sauna, Hiedanranta communal sauna – and anything from between. Tampere is undoubtedly the Sauna Capital of the World!

Once you make your choice, you’re on your way to relaxation! Bathing in sauna is also much more than relaxation; the health benefits of sauna bathing have been studied scientifically since the 18th century.

Read more about public saunas in Tampere on Visit Tampere website.

Tampereen seudun työväenopisto (Adult Education Centre of Tampere Region) promotes life-long learning and offers appr. 2,000 courses both for adults and children each year.

The Adult Education Centre promotes people’s versatile development and provides education and training that supports equality and active citizenship. Anyone interested can attend and study.

The Adult Education Centre organises public lectures and courses on a variety of topics. You may attend courses for example on dance, yoga and physical activities for children and families. Manual skills are involved in subjects as textiles and hobby crafts. There are also courses on theatre, writing, music and visual arts. In addition, language courses are organised in more than 20 languages (e.g. Finnish, English, French, Spanish etc.). Among the subjects relating to knowledge (usually in Finnish) are for example philosophy, learning about different cultures, and environment and garden.

The education does not provide a degree or qualification, and its content is not governed by legislation.

Finnish language skills are not required for all courses. There are no tests during the course and the studies will not be assessed.

Teaching is organised mainly in the evenings or at weekends, as intensive courses, and some as online courses.

The Adult Education Centre is owned by the city of Tampere. Read more in English: here

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