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Tampere Talent Ambassador Derek Corrêa

My name is Derek. I was born in Manaus, the island city, capital of Amazon, Brazil, but lived most of my life in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, but it’s been a while that I identify myself no other than a person of the world.

I have a degree in journalism but created my career of ten years in the field of digital marketing. Here in Tampere, I have opened my own company where I get to use my passion for design.

What brought me to Tampere

I would like to say that fate — but honestly love. I met my wife in Rio de Janeiro, and half a year later, I went to see her — still as a boyfriend — in Tampere, where she lived. Since the first time I was here I wanted to live here, I love tidiness and organization so I was mesmerized by the hypermarkets with their clean and neat aisles where you can find anything you need. And during my first winter, I realized how much of an internal Finn I am when I enjoyed going to avanto, skate, ski, and stay home because it’s too cold outside. It took me, or us, a few years and cities in South America to finally settle here.

As an international talent

I have a company, with my partner, called Imagem Creative Studio, for almost a year now, and being an entrepreneur has allowed me to broaden my horizons and discover people on the same path as mine. As an international talent, I believe that through my company, I can provide to the city of Tampere my skills and a new perspective to small business owners.

Feelings and perceptions about Tampere as a place for international talents

Tampere feels to be safe, calm, and balanced. The forest is always near, lakes ready to receive, public transportation is on time and the city -indoors and outdoors- is clean. Tampere has so much potential and I believe it hasn’t filled it all yet. I started my own company because I felt intrigued to work for myself, but also because I felt I wasn’t given many other opportunities for work. I am eager to learn Finnish, but I believe it would benefit everyone if it wasn’t kept such high in the list of demands. Tampere has the potential to grow, the city is beautiful and things happen all the time – especially in summer and holidays. And I also enjoy the fact that this city does sleep and this city does calm down as well. I feel that the best thing about Tampere is that you can make it into the city that you want.


Derek Corrêa is a Digital Marketer Strategist, Designer and Co-Founder of Imagem Creative Studio, where he helps people and businesses develop their online presence.

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