Sense of Belonging in Tampere

Tampere Talent Ambassador Dixit K.C.

One can call a place home when he or she finds a connection, a belongingness with the place. I have found that belongingness with Tampere.

Hello all, I am Dixit from Nepal and Tampere is my home.

My journey in Tampere began in 2013 as a student and now I work as a Distribution Business Manager at Robit Finland. During my 7 years, I have completed my Masters degree, worked in 2 casual jobs and found 2 other professional jobs, participated in 4 Demola projects, 1 mentoring programme, and 1 Growthbuilders project.

For International Talents, like me, Tampere has a lot to offer as long as the talents have the hunger to prove themselves, willingness to integrate with the rich network and find a bit of luck.

As a Tampere Talent Ambassador, I welcome all new international talents to my home, my Tampere.

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