Attracting International Talent

Author: Tampere Talent Ambassadors

We previously wrote about why you should be hiring young international talents in your company in Tampere. If you want to be more innovative, make better decisions, break into new markets, and attract the best local and international talents, we suggest you check it out via this link: The Benefits of Young International Talent for Your Company.

In this article, we will share with you some of the ways you can organically attract young international talents to your company.

Active vs Organic Talent Attraction

There are many forms of active talent attraction and recruitment. From PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising to traditional recruitment campaigns, getting the right talent in your company can be a hassle. This is probably why fewer firms are actively investing in recruitment drives, with as many as 34% spending less on advertising roles.  With the rapid internationalization of the job market (especially within the EU), there is a much larger pool of talent to choose from. Many companies are now receptive to speculative or open applications. This means less time and money is spent advertising specific roles and leads to a culture of people specification where companies hire holistically, considering a person’s whole skillset and personality. 

 However, to get good quality open applications from international talents requires cultivating a good public image and reputation.

Attracting High-Quality International Talents

Think about your strategy. You may already have active sources for posting live job opportunities such as pages on LinkedInIndeed, Monster, and This is a great start, with over 50% of job seekers preferring to use online portals. However, creating a brand identity around your existing talent is also important in both supporting your active recruitment, and generating organic applications. 

With nearly two-thirds of applicants using social media to search for and select companies to work for, it is worth investing in a good social media strategy. This should not be a recruitment drive, but rather a way of selling your company as a great place to work. Carefully curated social media posts that focus on your company and employee culture will attract the best international talent. Posts that tell a story of why your company cares about its employees might include announcing recent recruits and promotions, but also birthday celebrations and social events your company organizes.  

It is important to remember the job market in Finland often requires a lot of insider knowledge. To recruit high-quality international talents a company needs to think big. Moving countries is a big step for a talent, and they need to be sure it is worth their investment. The Talent Boost Cookbook Finland suggests borrowing from Finland’s own branding. Part of the package your company can offer an international talent includes working in the happiest country in the world with the most employee-friendly working hours in Europe. Finland was also 3rd in the world’s gender pay gap, and 1st skill development at work according to the European Working Conditions Survey. What can your company offer in addition to this?

Overcoming the Language Barrier

International talents may be put off by a perceived need to speak native level Finnish in jobs. If your company is serious about internationalization and hiring international talents to fulfil the skilled labour shortage in Finland, it must make English a priority. This means not only advertising positions in English, but making sure English is a realistic working language in your company. This might include supporting roles so that international talents are paired with local client-facing talents, or ensuring all written content is provided primarily in English. Welcome, and integration packages could also include Finnish language courses as a bonus.

Attracting International Talents

English language is a must for any company wanting to attract the best talents from around the world. As well as providing integration assistance in the form of language courses and help with visas, companies in Tampere need to think about their talent branding. Using active recruitment strategies and online portals is a great start, but a company needs to think holistically about how they portray their company on social media platforms. International House Tampere offers specific assistance and advice in attracting international talents. By taking advantage of this advice, local companies can maximize their potential in innovation, talent recruitment and retention and break into new international markets.

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland has participated in the financing of the project. The project contributes to the goals of the national Talent Boost programme.

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