Manchester of Finland, or rather the Dubai of Finland?

Tampere is quite often called the “Manchester of Finland” due to the industrial history and large presence of textile manufacturing plants in the very heart of the city. This pet name has also echoed the mentality of our region: in order to get things done, one must work hard to achieve it. Nowadays the pet name has slightly changed, and some people have referred to the city as the “Dubai of Finland”, due to the rapid growth and large construction projects right in the heart of the city. Click here to learn more about the “Five Star City Centre” program.

Tampere is a historic city with a vibrant but laid-back persona. Check out the headlines below for more detailed information.

Tampere is currently under major development, both in the city center and in the suburban areas. The Five-star City Centre is one of the main development programmes in Tampere. See how the plans look like. A completely new residential area, Ranta-Tampella, is being developed very close to the city center, right by the Näsijärvi lake.

Outside the city center, new emerging areas include Hiedanranta, a future city district that is being developed with a new concept in collaboration with city residents, businesses and organisations.

Other growing areas include the Vuores district, which lies around 10 kilometres from the city centre. Vuores combines a proximity to nature, high-quality architecture, an ecological attitude, cutting-edge technological solutions, as well as small-town-like services.